Photo A Day – "Routine"

OK, so I know the real title is “Daily Routine”, but Chantelle did say it could be open to interpretation. So, since this is a Sunday. I thought I’d photograph a part of our Sunday routine. Church.

Here we are, all packed up ready to go home. Except for T-Star. He’s wandering. I’m constantly losing him at church. It kind of stresses me out a bit. Luckily there’s plenty of people who watch out for him, or go chasing him if I’ve got a baby in my arms and he looks like he’s about to get into mischief. In the photo J Boy is complaining that he’s hungry. Most kids do that sometime after the service is finished. There’s also the sweet Mandy. Mandy is brilliant to have around when you have babies. I think she’s the only adult I know who can outlast a kid when playing ‘peek-a-boo’. She is also a favourite with children because she makes them little bead bracelets which is a hit with many girls, including my neices. She makes the boys little plastic keyring thingies. My boys have oodles of them!

Today I was in the mother’s room for the entire service. I fed the first baby, packed up, opened the door to go back to the auditorium and there was my sister with a baby. So we swapped. She then appeared with the third baby before I’d finished feeding the 2nd. By the time I finished I got to sing most of the final song.

It’s not a waste of time going to church though. I know people who have stopped going to church when they have babies/children because they say it’s too hard. I think this is not a good move. Yes, you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian. However, being a member of a church will most often strengthen your faith and encourage you to be a better Christian. I have also seen many families who stop going when their kids are babies, and then never quite get back into the swing of it. Before you know it God has become a low priority in their lives. There’s something about being a member of a church, especially an active member, which will spur you on to achieve greater things for Him.

It’s not easy getting out the door with triplets. Church is no exception. However, we do it most weeks. Occassionally, especially at first, we gave ourselves a break if we were to tired due to getting up too much the night before. Sometimes we might hang out with friends who don’t go to church on a Sunday. On the odd occassion we might choose to do something instead of church. But most Sunday’s we are in ‘our pew’.

As a family, it’s communicating to our children that we place God as our priority and that we will be faithful in devoting this time to Him. Our kids also get to hear about God from other passionate people. It’s worthwhile finding a place with a good Sunday school program if you have kids. That’s the beauty of having different denominations and church groupings. There ought to be a church that, while not being perfect, suits you. When you find that church. Try to stick to it and remain faithful. Placing your roots with the one congregation will assist your accountability, growth and sense of community.

Community is a huge part of being in a church. The friendships I have formed through being in my church have affected my life forever. We are built with a need for community. It’s why we crave relationship – with friends, with a partner, with our families. A church provides you with a community who will support you when it’s needed and celebrate with you in the good times.

Most of all, every Sunday, it’s another opportunity for me to hear from God. Sure, I hear from God when I’m on my own. But sometimes I get presented a whole new perspective on a Sunday. Or I learn something new about God. Or I just get the chance to worship him corporately.

And that’s why we will continue to go to the effort of bringing our children to the House of God every Sunday. There is nothing I desire more for them, that they will grow up and make their own decision to follow God. This is one way I can ensure they know about him. Plus, I need church. I need my church family, and I need that weekly connection with God that is different to my own personal quiet time.

I’d love to hear your opinions about church, whether you’re a regular attendee or not…

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  1. I struggled a LOT getting to church with babies, especially since I was usually solo parenting (shift worker Daddy).

    But I grimly kept it up. It was the only way to hang out with other people who loved God.

    There were many services which could be described as torture.

    But, like you, I didn’t imagine it would work years later to suddenly announce that we were going to start attending church!

    So the routine persisted, and sure enough, it got easier. Now they go BESERK with incomprehension if we ever skip a week.

    I wish I’d had more help back then, though.

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