Photo A Day Challege – "You"

Fat Mum Slim has issued a Photo A Day Challenge during the month of January. I thought it looked like fun, so I decided to take the challenge. Of course at this current time, with triplets, that would make it more challenging than normal. Right now, feeling like this is a school assignment, I’m quickly jumping online to post my first days photo before midnight. I’ve been holding babies (normally Missy) continuously since 2:00pm-10:00pm. and pretty well most of the morning before that. At one point I hastily held up the camera in front of me and snapped and at another point I put the timer on, crouched down and waited till the beeping stopped, feeling a bit foolish. At least the baby in Mummy’s arms won’t remember, and didn’t think the least of me, unlike J Boy who walked in and started laughing hysterically that I was taking a photo of myself. Obviously I need to teach him the words “self portrait”.

Let me note. I am no photographer, I am a writer. I enjoy taking photos, which is why I thought this might be fun. I’ll write a quick blurb each day too. (Fingers crossed.)

So here I am on the first day of 2012.

The thing I like about this photo, is it shows my wrinkles. I hear people sigh and complain about getting older and gaining wrinkles. I’m proud of them. Look at them on my cheek and the crows feet at my eyes. Those wrinkles are caused by smiling. I have lived a life where I have smiled so much that the mulitudes of happy moments have been etched on my face. I’m proud of this.

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  1. Could never shut your smile down Caitlin, wouldn’t want to! It’s the most delightful smile and has certainly given us many fantasic memories!

  2. Love it.

    I will certainly be sharing this month with you! I too am no photographer – and I certainly don’t like being in photos!

    Good on you for doing this challenge – because, you know, you don’t have enough challenge in your life right now – NOT!

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