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If you read my post of how we Announced the Triplet Pregnancy to the Church you would have read the reference to how people were committed to praying for us before we had children. I thought I would share of a few of these little tales, because they are pretty cool as well as being a great testimony of how great and faithful God is.

My family and friends were always constantly in prayer for us during this time. One souvenir of this fervent prayer is a beautiful white crochet cot blanket. Alex and I had decided to fast evening meals and TV for a week and spend this time praying together for a baby. We told friends and family what we were doing, and invited anyone to join us if they would like to. My mother spent that week crocheting. Whenever Mum discovered she was having another grandbaby, she would start to crochet a baby blanket for their cot. J Boy’s blanket was made years before he was born. During that week, Mum crocheted the blanket that would later keep our little baby snug and warm. Each stitch that she crocheted she would pray for our family, particularly that we would have a baby.

J Boy with the blanket now.

There was a very dear group of older ladies who used to pray for us regularly on Wednesday morning prayer meetings. When J Boy was born, one of those ladies came up and had a cuddle with him. She looked up with tears in her eyes. “I knew this day would come.” Then a cheeky sparkle came into her eyes. “I knew it would be a boy.” At this point I didn’t think too much about it, lots of people claimed to have predicted the sex. What she said next floored me. “And I knew his name.” I was astonished.

Apparently the group of ladies were starting to get discouraged that they had been praying for so long and there was still no baby. So they decided to have a day where they got together and prayed just for our future family. (I never knew this until the lady told me after J Boy was born.) At the end of the day the ladies started to feel that no matter what, we would one day have children. Before they went home, one woman read a scripture and they felt this confirmed that we were going to have children – particularly a boy. The scripture was Luke 1:60. “but his mother spoke up and said, “No! His to be called John.” Now admittedly, J Boy’s name is not John, however it most certainly is a close derivative to John. And the name was my choice. It’s all a bit to much to be a co-incidence, is it not?

And then there was the incidence where one beautiful woman came up to me one day and let me know that she was praying a lot for me that month. As always it was touching, and I was humbled that people would think of me – particularly for a month. I soon discovered how God was prompting this woman to pray during that month.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m always praying for you every time I go to the toilet.”

Another lesson in humility.

It turns out that this woman’s sons went to the same school I was teaching at. They had hung the school calendar on the back of their toilet door, and on that particular month there was a picture of me with a student.

God works in mysterious ways, yes?

Wherever the various prayers were uttered, I don’t mind one bit! The outcome is a true blessing from God.

If you are believing in God for something and need a breakthrough, let me encourage you. Ask people to pray for you. The power of corporate prayer should not be underestimated.

Have you got your own cool story of answered prayer? 

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  1. Yeah! My story! There was this beautiful son-in-law and daughter who hadn’t fallen pregnant and so we prayed ….

  2. Wow… could you let those old ladies know that I would like a husband, please??

    In the meantime, here’s my story:
    Quite a while ago I was preparing for a counselling session. I had told my counsellor that I wanted to talk about something that was particuarly difficult, something that had prompted flashbacks and nightmares in the past. I DID want to talk about it but I ended up being so anxious about it that I barely slept for the two nights beforehand. On the morning of my appointment I was so scared and anxious that I honestly thought I might not get through the session without passing out. I had to stop on the way to my CAR (ie, from my front door) in order to do breathing exercises to try to control the anxiety.

    The day before, I had asked one of my prayer partners to pray for me during my counselling appointment. I remained anxious the whole way there… and then when I drove into the car park, I was perfectly calm. No anxiety at all. I actually sat in my car for a minute and thought, “What the heck is going on??” It was surreal. And wonderful. It was one of the most helpful sessions I’ve ever had and there is no doubt in my mind that it was a miraculous answer to prayer.

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