Party and Perspective

Just a quick update that I do not have time to do from party central. This morning I spent a couple of hours tidying my pantry. Just what I needed to do almost 24 hours before the triplet’s party! T-Star can open child locks. So this morning he got into a cupboard, then relocated a 2 litre container of vinegar into the pantry, unscrewed the lid, then walked away leaving the pantry door open ready for a baby to crawl in and spill it everywhere. Unfortunately I had a lot of cardboard boxes on the floor. So frustrating when I have a million things to do!

To add to it, while I was cleaning up, (not very graciously), T-Star, (who is definitely not a star today) brought two handfuls of sand inside and threw it over his sister. You know. Something to do. I tell you, that boy.

I’ve got 2 teething children who are pretty consistently crying and my scoliosis is giving me severe back pain.

But all of this is nothing.  A girl who was in my class at school with had her toddler drown this week. She has been constantly on my mind. It keeps it all this small stuff in perspective.

My children are such a blessing.

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  1. She’s been constantly in my thoughts too. You’re right – the small stuff is just that, small stuff. It doesn’t matter. Enjoy this day, and enjoy those beautiful babies. They are really worth celebrating.

    1. Anna’s story is heartbreaking and powerful. It makes me want to enjoy every second and savour every moment with my five children and my husband and hope it never, ever happens to me.

  2. What I have imagined is awful, and I’m sure if it were happening it would be 10 times worse.

    The party was a smash thank you! I love the picture of us all, although I really wish I was wearing make up. Is it vain to admit that?

  3. Hey Caitlyn you’re right it is all relative. A lady on our HOM Australia FB page lost her 12wk old daughter April one of triplets to SIDS last week April’s funeral was today. Being a Mum of Multiples I couldn’t imagine my life let alone the life of their fraternal siblings after such a tragic loss. If you’d like to join the site it is HOM Families of Australia. I hope the party went well and your friend is our prayers xo Kim

  4. How very sad.

    Thanks for the heads up for the Australian group Kim. I’ve put in a request to join. I really don’t have many Aussie connections, so this will be good.

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