Pantry Purge

The Accountant has been a bit frustrated with the state of the pantry. I’m not as worried, I mean sure, it could be neater, but I can mostly find everything – except tea bags, I’m not a tea or coffee drinker and I always lose tea bags and coffee in my pantry. It can really be an embarrasing quirk.

Since it really seemed to be bothering The Accountant, I started to have a shuffle through it and realised that I really do need to have a pantry purge – I’ve found nuts dating back to 2008. Yikes.

Being an Accountant’s wife, it’s important to be thrifty. I tend to buy pantry items when they are on special. If you keep an eye on when things are getting close to finished, and keep on eye on the shelves, you normally don’t have to pay full price. This is normally a great money saving tactic. Unless you forget to use it. Then it’s quite the opposite. Hopefully The Accountant doesn’t notice the packets in the bin at the moment.

I took a photo of the pantry, but I’ve decided that it’s better shown as a before and after. No need to horrify you until there’s a happy ending!

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  1. Last time I did a pantry/freezer purge I ended up being able to eat for three weeks without having to buy a single thing. Once I’d thrown out the superfluous junk I found meals I’d cooked and frozen, pantry ingredients I didn’t know I had, and a whole lot of ROOM. It was wonderful.

    I’m back to utter chaos now, though…

  2. Kids don’t help with that problem. One day, they love something and you stock up on it. The next day, you have a kilogram of roasted almonds which nobody wants to eat…

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