Out of the mouths of babes.

Today was the first time we have gone back to swimming lessons since Christmas. We often visit my grandparents afterwards since they live nearby. I alternate visits with my maternal grandmother one week then paternal grandfather the next. When Jonty heard he was swimming today, he instantly asked to visit Nana afterwards.

“Should we visit Nana or Great Grandad?” I clarified.

“Nana.” He promptly answered. “I weally wuv Gweat Gwandad. But he only has wheels and things at his house. Nana has biscuits.”

The wheels he is referring to is Great Grandad’s walker and wheelchair. Not match to bikkies.

After visiting Nana, eating her cream biscuits and drinking lemonade. (Big treat!) We went and bought a kindy backpack and hat, before heading to kindy for an hour for ‘drop in day’. The biggest event of the day was choosing the ‘locker’ where he will store his bag, etc. J Boy chose the pink fish locker since the dinosaur locker was already taken. Choosing a dinosaur was not surprising, but a pink fish? I wouldn’t have picked that! He was very resolute with his choice though.

The sand pit was a big favourite and where he spent the majority of his time until mat time. He joined in the singing with gusto. Another surprise considering he mostly refuses to sing at home!  He did add his own flavour to the songs though. When all the children built their houses while singing and collapsed to the ground at the end,  J Boy stood tall holding his little hands up pointing to the sky for his roof and declaring, “My house is built of rock.”

He was also eager to participate in conversation. Right up to the end when Mrs. C was winding it up and about to say goodbye, The J Bomb pipes up, “I have an air mattress at home.” Mrs. C paused momentarily and decided to go with the bizarre statement.

“Oh, and when do you use that?”
“When I go camping.”
“Do you go camping much?”
Apparantly three nights of camping is a lot. I kind of agree, but definitely has more enthusiasm for the activity then me.

At this point the others all started joining in. Totally random comments are embraced in kindyland.

Once we were home, I worked out what his thought pattern had been. Earlier Mrs. C had mentioned that there would be a rest time during their day at kindy. J Boy commented to me, “I’m going to need to bring an air mattress to kindy because my bed is a bit heavy to bring so I can have a rest.”

Bless his heart. Not entirely random after all.

9 sleeps to go and counting!

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  1. Ha Ha Crazy sister! You got me. Isn’t it a cool name? I am constantly having to go back and ‘rub out’ his name when I’m writing. I’m wondering how committed I should be to the alias sometimes.

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