On My Mind: Baby Smiles

Missy has been smiling now since my birthday – the 28th of November. It took awhile before I could catch some smiles for the camera. They aren’t great pictures, some are even a bit blurry, I was just too excited! But aren’t they precious?

Missy made me smile this morning – she slept through the night! 9:00pm-5:30am. Chook did pretty well also with 9:30pm-4:00am.

It’s a shame that I stayed up all night trying to put together a video for their christening on the weekend! Talk about a wasted opportunity!

The triplets are 10 weeks today! Hooray!

(Much better than the older two boys ever did, I might add!)

Today I’m linking up with Rhonda at Down to Earth for “On My Mind”.

Do you have photos of your babies first smiles? (I’m still trying to get Chook and Joey to smile long enough for me to race and get the camera!) How long did it take before you had your baby sleeping through the night?

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  1. Just popping over from DTE, what a lovely blog you have. I take my hat off to you as i have 17 mth old twins and a teen and i struggle some days but you must be so much more busy and tired than me and still blog writing!!!You are also so blessed though, those smiles are wonderful!
    I remember trying to figure out if they were smiling or if it was wind but went with smiles!
    I didn’t get the girls to sleep through the night until about 5/6 months so you are doing exceptionally well Mummy!(but sleep yourself next time, lol)
    Thanks for sharing such a special moment!
    Jode x

  2. Hi there!

    I am visiting from On My Mind 🙂

    That is one cute baby with a smile that makes every heart melt. And triplets plus a 1 and 4 year old? You have my utmost respect! What a wonderful family you’ve built for yourself.

    I wish you all the best!

    This Good Life

  3. Those are good photos! It’s very hard to snap those moments.

    My boy suddenly slept through at 4 months. We’d been used to him waking up a lot in the early morning, so the day that he didn’t, my husband was late for his early shift because we’d suddenly lost our little ‘alarm clock’! Do you know that feeling when you wake up fully rested and content and then suddenly you go OMG THE BABY and race in to make sure he’s ok?

    My girl still fed through the night until 8 months. It seemed like a very long time, but at least she was sleeping solidly between feeds. She just wouldn’t drop any!

    Then you get a few months’ peace, and at about 18 months they start waking with bad dreams. And the year after that you begin the bedwetting cycle.

    Upper Primary is probably a good stage! But I’ve heard that not too long after that, parents are up all night going, “Where ARE they?”

    But you get to sleep when they leave home. Just a few decades to go, Caitlin…

  4. My 3 started sleeping through from their last feed at 10pm to 5-6am at around 12 weeks of age. The boys did seem to take a little longer to achieve this but around this mark. I do love those cute little smiles of Missy’s……:)

  5. you don’t want to know how long it took my daughter! she is 4 and STILL doesn’t sleep through the night. She has had HORRIFIC sleep issues though. Until she was 2.5 years old, she slept NO LONGER than 45 min, after taking 3 hours to get her to sleep! we tried EVERYTHING…nothing work. Our dr finally told us to not worry about what the “normal” advice, what others would say and do whatever worked for her. she’s a MILLION miles from where she was, but we still don’t get to sleep through the night every night. i’m sure by the time she’s a teen we will 🙂

  6. Well you dear daughter were sleeping through by the 6 week visit to the Doctor – sorry I don’t know the exact count as you being the first I didn’t know it was a special event.
    Anyway at 6 weeks you were normally sleeping from 9 or 10pm till 6 or 7 am.
    As for smiles you were the smilest baby ever – would wake and burst into an instant smile the moment you opened your eyes, a bit lit Toddler T – opps oh yeah he smiles later in the day not on waking, little ray of sunshine that he is.

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