On My Knees

I have always believed in the power of prayer. I believe prayer changes situations and I believe prayer changes people. I believe every prayer is answered, but I think that sometimes the answer that we receive may not be the answer we expected. I believe in the sovereignty of God and that His will is always accomplished.

I believe there are some things that would not be accomplished if it were not for the fervent prayer of believers. There are times I believe God requires us to pray not because he is unwilling to activate his power in our lives, but by because He knows that the humility required to ask a higher power for intervention makes us stronger and better people as we recognise that on our own, we are not enough. We have been designed to be in relationship and to rely on a Heavenly Father. Prayer puts us in a position of reliance, hope and expectancy.

At the moment, my church has designated 40 days of Prayer. So many of us in the congregation are being pushed to a new level of prayer as we hear encouragement and are challenged by sermons on Sunday mornings. There are many of us who are also reading the book, Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. It’s a great book and very easy to read the daily reading. (Even though I must admit I often fall behind and end up doing several daily readings in one day. Hopefully I’ll get better as the days progress!)

On Day 3, I was reading how the author kneels to pray, he was relating a story where he was challenged to kneel and pray in a busy airport. (Which he was obedient and did.) I am quite good at praying. (Recognising that I still have room for improvement.) Generally I pray all throughout the day.  I love that feeling of communion with God as I progress through my day. Coming from a charismatic background, kneeling isn’t my usual posture for prayer. It’s not that I don’t agree with it, or haven’t done it, it’s just not the usual prayer position for me.

After reading the chapter, I was challenged to pray on my knees. I actually set the timer on my iPhone and told God I wanted to pray fervently for 10 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s easy to be distracted, especially since becoming a mother. I wanted a tangible time that I would dedicate to praying for specific requests. I figured that nothing to horrible should happen to the kids if it were ten minutes, (Especially when the triplets were in their cots, otherwise, I must admit that a lot of damage can happen in ten minutes!), it was just going to be ten minutes of me 100% focussing on God, and not a prayer that I am multi-tasking while saying it.

Wow. Powerful. Powerful stuff.

Turns out that ten minutes is a totally adequate time to connect to God in such a way that I could feel his heartbeat and as my ear felt it’s pulse, it brought change to my life. I was praying for change and the Holy Spirit was whispering how I could change within in order to initiate change. (Also turns out that once the iPhone beeps, I keep praying on regardless…)

On my knees, there is a sense of abandonment. There is subserviance, humility, there is an eagerness to be heard and to hear. And there is power. Almighty power.

I have had no great answer to prayer. Yet. I have a list. I will continue to pray. There will be change. Maybe within me first. I will share testimonies of that change. I have faith that it will occur.

But most of all I am in awe that the God of the Universe is interested in me. Hears my cries. Sees my tears. Delights in my thankfulness. So I will continue for ten minutes each day to connect with Him. On my knees.

During today’s church service. The kids were being sermon illustrations!

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  1. This is so something I want to do…be more intentional in my prayer life. I feel that most evenings {after the kids are in bed} I have such grand intentions for the following day, and yet nothing becomes of them, because the craziness happens.

    So wonderful that you’re finding this time {and position} to be such a blessing!

    1. It is so hard after a day with triplets (for you and I) or just children in general to just collapse at the end of the day. I have found that praying specifically for my day helped me be so much more productive throughout the day. The day wasn’t necessarily easier, but I accomplished more. Thanks Jesus!

  2. Wow, what a great post. I pray through out the day too. At the moment my mind has been scattered with responsibilities of being a mum and work and my blog and etc. You’ve encouraged me with this post. I hope God blesses you for your faithfulness in speaking to Him.

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