Oh Happy Day

Don’t you just love those days when you’re just rockin’ your gig?

I had one of those yesterday. One of those perfect days, where even though everything is not perfect, you feel like you are doing a good job, being productive and making your corner of the world a better place. Since I’m still basking in the glow of self satisfaction, let me share it with you.

I got up early, hoping for a bit of ‘me time’, but no sooner had I started moving did both boys appear. That is the youngest boys. The Accountant is very committed to his stance to not rise any earlier then necessary. No matter. Got them chomping on their weet-bix and had enough time to do a blog entry while I ate my own breakfast. Jumped in the shower, (always a goal of mine before The Accountant leaves, otherwise I’m in PJ’s for hours as Toddler T gets into copious amounts of mischief while I am in the bathroom), came out and took over from The Accountant who was playing a very educational maths game with J Boy. I won, and Little Mr. Competitive is working on appropriate responses when losing and made some admirable progress.

We started to play another game, but halfway through J Boy was starting to lose interest and Toddler T was no longer satisfied playing by himself. He had done a stellar effort playing for half an hour. I am constantly amazed at how different life has been since he has hit the 18 month milestone. Last month he wouldn’t even touch his toys. Truly, he’s never cared too much about any toys, then all of a sudden the scales fell from his eyes and they were suddenly cool!

So, we moved into the playroom. Played stacking pegs with Toddler T. If you want a quality toy for your toddler. I highly reccomend these. Great for hand eye co-ordination, and then as they get older they can do all sorts of things with patterns and sequencing. J Boy still enjoys playing with them on the odd occassion. (Hint: don’t buy a cheap set though. They stick together, making it hard to pull apart and kids lose interest really quickly.) I bought them from a Learning Ladder party. Check it out here on page 17 of the catalogue.

Meanwhile J Boy was convinced to play a solo game of fruit dominoes. I joined in and we played a few games together while Toddler T continued engrossing in stacking pegs. He soon discovered it was awesome to throw the pegs around the room, so instead we packed the pegs up and started to build block towers for him to destroy instead.

Next, onto morning tea. Homemade pecan and pear cake and fruit.

And why not stay in your PJ’s until lunchtime on a cold rainy day?

 Then we drew on the glass doors with some special ‘glass chalk’ I’d picked up from a bargain bin somewhere.

Aspiring artist

Toddler T went off to bed and J Boy spent the time playing a lovely game of ‘pirates hiding treasure’ on his own in the playroom. This gave me the chance to get a bit of housework done which was fantastic.

After lunch I was a bit tired, (it’s quite exhausting sometimes incubating 3 human beings), so we all sat down and watched a DVD together.

Brotherly love – so cute!

Once that was over we made scones for afternoon tea.

Toddler T only has one thing on his mind – consumption! (Can you tell he’s teething?)

We had a game of giant snakes and ladders – made more complex by Toddler T constantly running through the game disturbing the markers. There was a disturbing moment when the toddler chucked the die behind the fridge. The crisis was averted by finding another one, only to be faced with a new catastrophe when J Boy had to slide down his first snake. By the end of the game he still didn’t like it, but was displaying admirable sportsmanship when he encountered all his serpent nemesis.

The Accountant had a meeting and was getting home after the boys bedtime, so I’d chosen an easy meal of vegies and frozen fish/fish fingers. Luckily I got it all cooked before a long series of power surges started, ending in a black-out. Of course this was met by great excitement, in the boys eyes it was the perfect way to end the day. We had a lovely candlelit dinner. The news of no bath was also embraced joyfully. (We get our water from our tank, and the pump is electric.) Thank goodness we had an indoor day and they weren’t particularly dirty! Bedtime was a no fuss affair, maybe the extra darkness encouraged sleep to come quickly.

Today has been a busy day also, matching games, playdough, colouring-in, play with cousins and lots of imaginative play. But there has been a lot more tears and disagreements, so yesterday is still holding position of best day of the week!

Isn’t it lovely when such a simple day is such a delight? We didn’t do anything extraordinary. The house wasn’t in pristine condition at the end. We played with the toys they already had, we kept busy and just enjoyed spending time together. What constitutes a good day for you?

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