October Update

Hello Everyone! I thought I would break the radio silence to just let you know that I am still around. October has produced so much life that I would blog about. Unfortunately living that life has left no time for blogging. It’s always the way.

October has been intense. We started with a trip to beach and then it was the triplet’s birthday. The triplets had a full on day playing with their new toys and then a few days later had a family ice-cream birthday party.

The triplets blowing the candles of their ice cream cakes.

 It is a commonplace for 3 year olds to produce challenging behaviour. If you thought that there was only terrible twos, be warned. (And possibly be very afraid.) No one warned me with my first child, and oh my, it was a shock to the system. I had hoped that the triplets would ignore this terrible three year old behaviour, but alas, there has been heavy duty behaviour management happening around these parts. Let me tell you, I am OVER crying, whinging, fights and tantrums. OVER it! I tell you.

As we were recovering from the triple birthday celebrations, it became apparent that my ailing grandfather was living his last days. We tried to spend as much time visiting him as we could afford and said our goodbyes. My wonderful loving and humble grandfather died on the 15th.

Holding my grandfather’s hand the day before he died.

This meant that we had both a funeral and wedding in the same week. Grandad was laid to rest on the Tuesday and my sister was married on the Saturday. What a mixture of emotions last week was.

My sister had a truly unique wedding. A very bush wedding she was married under some trees in a paddock on my father’s farm.

A country wedding Large Love sign
True Love in the country.

The reception was a country fair and then dinner in a marquee. It was so wonderful seeing my baby sister marry a man who completely adores her. He just fits into our family naturally and it seems like he has always been a part of the tribe. Currently the lucky couple is honeymooning in the Maldives. Hash tag: Winning!

A country wedding fair
With my siblings at my sister’s wedding.

Since the wedding it has been having family as houseguests, airports run and trying to catch up on the household disarray that has occurred during the busyness. I don’t think November is going to be as busy, how could it be? However, it’s also going to be far from quiet also. Life keeps galloping away, but I’m holding the reins tight and enjoying the ride!

What has happened to you in October?

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  1. So much LIFE in this post…in all it’s highs and lows. The pictures are beautiful, especially the one of your grandfather x

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