Night Lights for Children

Nighlights are so calming and invoke a sense of security for children at night. My Night Lights offer some of the best night lights I have seen with a spectacular range of 23 designs so there would be a design to suit any child.

Nighlights started for us when my firstborn was a baby. So I could see in the night when I came in to feed Jonty, I put a little touch lamp on the bookshelf. It soon became apparent that I would kick my toes and walk into walls just trying to get to the light so I added a little night light that was plugged into the power point next to the bookshelf.

As the need for night feeds and night nappy changes decreased, so did the necessity for the lamp. I kept the nightlight though so I could see my cherubs face while he was sleeping. You know so I could check he was breathing and everything. (First time mother remember.)

I did the same with my 2nd child since I kept the nursery basically the same configuration for the next child and moving my older son into a big boy bed in another room. By the time they were old enough to share a room, they both liked having a nightlight on during the evening. It never really bothered me, because it did still give light when I tucked them in at night.

One year Jonty asked for a lava lamp for his birthday, which he received. Since that point, they love having a lamp rather than the small night lights. I think they have just become used to having light in the room while they sleep. I don’t know how a child’s mind works. They say they are scared if you turn off the light, but then if they were allowed to play outside at night, they will run around with their cousins into every nook and cranny without fear.

This year the lava lamp broke and at just the right time My Night Light gifted our family with an adorable new nightlight. Don’t be fooled by the racing car, this nighlight is the rolls royce of night lights. See the remote lying next to light? You can choose which colour it illuminates. There are three LED lights, which will give you a total of 13 colours to choose from, including white (as pictured here) There is a side lamp option which will give pure white at the brightest level. It will give a lighting bright enough to read a bedtime story. You do have the option of choosing 4 levels of brightness. The minimum brightness leaves only a gentle glow for the child to sleep soundly.  My tip is to set the minimum brightness once it’s time to sleep and to take the remote out of the room. For the first few days the remote was definitely more exciting then sleeping! You can also set a timer to turn off after 1 hour, so if your child (hypothetically) comes out and complains there is no more light in the room, you could (hypothetically) deliver a lecture of why they should be already asleep.

Racing Car My Night Light

You can also choose a rainbow, which will gently cycle through the colours. (This is my boys favourite setting.)

My Night Light Racing Car

When the triplets were babies, the room configuration was so tight fitting all the cots in that I just didn’t have a shelf where I could safely put a nightlight without the cord being a risk, so I learned to do what I needed to by putting the hall light on outside their room, although if I were changing a nappy by this light I had the unfortunate risk that I would wake the sleeping babies. (And man, it’s not pleasant when you wake a sleeping triplet.) They became used to sleeping with the door shut tight in pitch black. It makes it interesting when we go on holiday and all the children are sleeping in the one room. The triplets don’t settle down until it’s completely dark, the big boys wail if we don’t leave the door open!

We’re thinking of splitting the triplets up and having them share a room with an older boy. I’m not sure how the lighting situation will work out, but if we need to get another light, I will certainly be considering a My Night Light light. There are so many cute designs from rockets (that was my fave for a boy, but I couldn’t convince the big boys to choose it), owls (the triplets have had an owl theme happening since they were born, so I have a soft spot for them, although Immy would probably more likely choose a fairy these days. There are animals galore from Australian animals, fish, hippos, horse, giraffes etc. There are trains, fire trucks, dragons or toadstools and love hearts. I think most kids would find a nightlight on this site that they are going to love.

I would also consider the kids string lights for a fun touch in a room. (Once again, I’d be voting for the space theme.)

The prices aren’t particularly cheap if you are comparing to something like a Kmart quality bedside lamp.  I honestly think they are good value for money, especially since they are so safe low heat LED’s with a 12v low voltage power and made with resilient acrylic plastic. (Ours has hit the floor a few times and has been fine.)

I can help out with the price though! My Night Light is generously giving my readers a 10% discount. Enter the code happyheart at the checkout! Seriously though, head over and have a look, there are some wonderful light products there, ideal in the lead up to Christmas. (Plus there is also Christmas lights if you want to add some sparkle to your home at Christmas.)

My Night Light sleeping child
Fast asleep while the night light glows.

Does your child use a night light?

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* I was not paid to post this review, but gratefully received the nightlight I have pictured to trial.

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  1. We’ve got one of those! Except I thought they were called Aloka Night Lights. We have the Owl Design for my daughter.

    When my daughter was a baby I always had a light on in her room. She got so used to it that one night when we forgot to turn it on she screamed like I had never heard her scream before. We went through a few night lights before we eventually found the Aloka. I love it! It’s so hardy and the night setting emits such a low level of light. I’ll definitely buy my son one when he gets old enough for a night light.

  2. They make some cool night lights now don’t they? We never really had them with the kids, but they do have lava lamps which they have on when they go to bed, and I switch them off before I retire for the night.

  3. I bet the kids love that nightlight. What is it made of? Plastic? My four year old sleeps with a night light every night. It’s one of those ones that projects stars on the ceiling. It worries me though because the batteries are easily accessible at the back and I’d hate her to get in there. I’ve been meaning to get a new nightlight for a while 🙂 #teamIBOT

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