Nesting inspired organisation – The Playroom Cupboard.

So, to continue with my nesting series –  or ‘attempting to be organised although I hate the process of organising’.

Once upon a time I had reached an admirable level of organisation in this cupboard. I had sorted collage, paints, craft materials etc. into boxes. However, in the last few months, the temptation to stuff them into the cupboard without putting them in the correct box became too great, which then led to the inability to get to the correct box because of all the clutter. Which led to not putting the boxes back away (due to extra clutter that had accumulated somehow during a craft activity) and the boxes had been stashed around the house. It’s just a downward spiral really…

And even after my latest organisational efforts, I’m left with a whole heap of crap bits and bobs that I can’t throw out or don’t know where to place. Here’s what I still have left. This is why I hate organising. This basket stresses me out.

So, I re-organised the boxes. Took away some boxes that had just become dumping boxes and sorted them into new boxes. The top shelf had never been completely pleasing, but I’ve decluttered it a bit, thrown out some things and boxed the children’s games in a new more accessible box. Made a huge difference.

So this is what it looks like now.

The boxes in the shelves mainly hold craft items. (Collage box, paint boxes, various bits of paper boxes,The blue box up the top holds various games with lots of small pieces that I don’t let the children play on their own (for obvious reasons). The clear box is toddler puzzles. Hanging are some dress ups. One of the white baskets has containers of pens, pencils, glue, glitter etc. The other white basket is for dumping things in when I’m in a hurry. I’m making a rule I need to empty into it’s correct places regularly, and not continue dumping if it’s full. Fingers crossed I keep my own rule.

One box is full of bigger kid puzzles, 2nd box is kiddy games. There’s a stack of boxes of grown up games up the top.

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  1. Yeah, it’s that last pile of ‘nothing’ that’s the worst. You’re standing there holding two rubber bands, a coin, a battery case for a toy, a bookmark, an unpaid bill, a DVD case, an apple core, a hairbrush…

    And after five minutes you’ve plotted a course around the house that will enable you to restore the items with greatest efficiency.

    And on the way you pick up a bunch more stuff.

  2. I too hate that pile of “Assorted” that you end up with. All of it would go in the bin if it was jut a touch more useless – but none of it can go! Argh!

    I have been loving your nesting posts, and am curious to see as your pregnancy progresses whether you nest three times as much as a woman pregnant with one baby … or if towards the end, it works out at about one-third.

  3. I am so glad you are nesting nice and early. That gives you time to perfect your organisation skills so that you can come and organise my house. You are just the KINDEST friend… Truly.

    (Great job by the way – very inspiring – I should turn off the computer and then see how much work I get done!)

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