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Firstly let me congratulate Jodie for winning the Personal Planner. I loved Jodie’s enthusiasm to fill her year with special moments with friends and family. I’m a big advocate of seizing the day and creating memories. All the best with entering coffee dates in your diary Jodie!
Along the same lines, here are some happy memories I have captured over the past week on Instagram.
The Accountant and I, at the last moment, went out for a Chinese dinner on our 15th Wedding Anniversary. So grateful to Grandma babysitting, especially since she was happy to come late so Alex could play indoor soccer first.

Fortune cookies. I don’t know if we’ve been awarded a great honor but we have certainly had lovely days with family. Easy? Not exactly. I don’t think you get easy days when you have triplets under the age of 2.

On the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday. I made the cake. I was making chocolate scrolls, but the silly rolling pin rolled over and squashed everything. Eventually the chocolate curls worked out.

Missy and Miss Rachael

My neice.

Our wedding anniversary gift from my mother. And we still haven’t used them. What’s with that? Loved my flowers from the hubster too.

The finished cake. Oh the drama. A very extremely wet weekend is not the best time to be decorating cakes I’ve discovered. The large variety of instructions/helpful (unhelpful) hints for peeling the photo from the backing were completely useless. It’s just as well it didn’t melt when I followed the instructions to put it in a slow oven to peel off. The backing started curling up within five seconds. Took about heart failure. I was saved by advice via facebook after a desperate status pleading for help. In the end ignoring the advice from the instructions which said 10-15 SECONDS (capitlised by them) in the freezer. I put it in for almost 15 minutes and it came off eventually.

We had lots of partying over the weekend. This is how little Missy went to sleep in between events. Sometimes you’ve just got to fall asleep right away.

We had a beautiful evening at Gabbinbar Homestead celebrating my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Daddy walking his boy to school on J Boy’s 1st day of Year 1

Little Missy decided to wear pink gum boots. She looked quite comical bustling around in her pink boots and nappy.

Meanwhile the boys were getting into mischief. AGAIN. Climbing on furniture is considered an elite sport here at the moment. By all except Mummy.

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  1. Thank you so much, Caitlin! Yep, I am totally inspired to make this year all about the things that really matter. Looks like you’ve had a great (busy!) week!

  2. Hi there, some girl Is using your triplets pics on instagram, claiming to be their mother. Username is teenmommyof3

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