My Week According to Instagram

My loving husband gave me an iPhone 5 recently for my birthday. I’m a lucky girl. What I’m loving most about my new iPhone is that I have started using Instagram. Feel free to check me out: happyheart75 It’s so much fun.

It then makes total sense to join in with TinaGray(dot)me for her linky!

So here are some snapshots of my week:
Missy and the baby boys are constantly pulling the pegs out. 

We had fun going to see the Christmas lights in Toowoomba.

The triplets were rolling around lying on top of each other and cuddling one another. It was so cute.

Yesterday the big boys and I spent some time in Brisbane. They really enjoyed visiting the museum and looking at an awesome sand sculpture at Southbank. Of course a swim and splash is always so much fun. Getting stuck in traffic jams on the way home was not fun. We got home eventually…

And lastly.  This is the reason why blogging is slow right now. (There’s always a reason…) Packing and getting ready to go on holiday. We are travelling from Toowoomba to Cairns.  It would take 23 hours to get there if we had no breaks. With 5 children including 3 one year olds, we’re planning on getting there in 3 days and 2 nights. It’s what I call Extreme Roadtripping. Bring on the memories and the stories! Hopefully I’ll get some chances to update you on the blog from time to time!

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  1. Oh look at us – side by side in a linky party!

    I love seeing you on Instagram – I have had to cut back – it was getting crazy putting all the photos on there. Surely my life is not that interesting!

    I hope the road trip goes well, sure to hear all about it when you get back.

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