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I once heard a Mum complaining that she never gets to go to the toilet alone. In fact, sometimes, she complained that she is often too busy that she doesn’t get to use the toilet at all until her husband comes home. I can’t say that being a parent has changed my toileting behaviour as much as that. I am guilty of choosing my bladder over my children, even if that does mean being watched. And my children are decent enough to let me go to the toilet on my own at least 70% of the time, or I’ll just shut them out and let them bang on the door while I have some form of privacy.

Toddler T can now open doors. Which means he can view my calls of nature with enormous curiosity whenever he chooses. This means my stats are probably down to toileting on my own 50%-60% of the time.

This morning was a new experience. I had Toddler T crying at the door and J Boy yelling requests combined with the incessant whining he seems to be specialising in at the moment. I heard the door opening and pleaded with them to leave me alone. When J Boy heard my reason for being in the loo was for the more potent kind of business, he quickly decided to postpone his whining for 10 minutes and disappeared.

Which left me with Toddler T wandering around while I was trying finish the task at hand. What is it with the smallest of children? Are their nasal passages not fully developed under the age of 3? Other people’s smells don’t seem to worry them at all. It’s weird.

Unfortunately for me Toddler T found a spray bottle I’d used on my hair. So there I was, chained to the toilet while being sprayed. Best joke ever, according to Toddler T.

Just another day as a stay at home Mum.

Has having children changed your toileting procedures?

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  1. Not at all, I have always been blessed to have a lock on the toilet door, that is one thing I have never been bothered with…..the shower on the other hand is a whole different kettle of fish!!

  2. Oh Yeah! Remind me to tell you about train travel with 1, 2 and then 3 of you. Gave up when I had your youngest sister! Not the toilets just the trains!

  3. My kids aren’t even allowed to ask me questions while I am on the loo – I hate the whole yelling through the door thing…

    I would think it hilarious if I could squirt you in the face while you were on the loo! Not that I would mind you, friendship only goes so far….

    Eeek – imagine that with THREE! (But I suppose you have already processed that….)

  4. I become a selective mute in these cases. They NEVER get it, but no, I am NOT going to answer. Have your tantrums, dent the door, I don’t care.

    When we were renting a place with one toilet, I would often get stuck with the toddler using it at length while I was busting. I thought that would change with the next house – two loos! – but by then I had two kids, who would take up a toilet each as I stood there, waiting, busting…

  5. Regarding prayer – sadly, I very consistently ask God for things he just doesn’t want to happen! I’m finding it hard to think of an “Answered Prayer” experience like yours. Your story is wonderful and encouraging.

  6. Hey Crazy Sister, doesn’t have to be an amazing Answered Prayer could be something very simple but important at the time – like that car park you need close enough to get to an appointment.

  7. hilarious! My youngest follows me around and when I head to the bathroom she is right by my heels. I usually hurry to get a few steps ahead of her and then close the door and push in the little door knob lock button. I do my business while watching the door knob being jiggled the whole time. KIDS!

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