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I shouldn’t really be writing this. I ought to be packing. And packing. And packing! But I thought I would briefly update you on what’s happening in the Happy Heart Household.

We’re moving! It was inevitable that we would eventually need to upgrade our home to something bigger. We have a lovely home, and we do all fit in comfortably, but just a little more space would just make things that little bit more easier.

As it turns out, we have a lot more space! My parents recently moved out of their very large home, so we are moving into their old place. I lived there for five years after finishing school. It’s where Alex courted me before I moved out when we were married. It’s a bit surreal moving back into the family home, and rearranging my stuff into the spaces that I have seen Mum’s stuff for the past 20 years! It’s all familiar and lovely, and we will fit in so well in “Grandma’s Old House”. (Grandad owns the shed, not the house, according to the kids.)

For now, I’m packing all our life and ferrying it over in boxes, suitcases and washing baskets, little by little. It’s nice that the house has been empty, so I have been able to unpack things straight into the cupboards.I hate moving and packing. But Alex and I are determined that this move will be as low stress as possible. So far we’ve been doing OK. The big move is Saturday, where we will move all our furniture and start sleeping at the new place.

Right now, I’m thinking of things we will miss living at our current place. Being close to the shops, having footpaths to walk around the neighbourhood and have the kids ride their bikes to nearby parks or to Saturday soccer. We have wonderful neighbours who will keep in contact with, but it’s not the same that we won’t be able to wander over when we see each other out on the driveway, knock on the door to borrow an egg or hang out together on a Saturday night having a wine for the girls and beers for the boys, and not have to worry about who has to drive home.

While I’ll love the extra space, I’ll miss living in a place that is compact enough for me to hear most of what goes on, whichever part of the house I’m in, and can see the children play easily. I’ll miss our small yard where I know the kids can’t get into too much mischief and I don’t need to worry about a pool currently. (But, oh how we will enjoy having a pool in the summer!)

There will always be happy memories of this house. We moved here when Jonty was five months old. Who would have known that in the next 6 years we would bring home four more babies! Who could have predicted that three of those babies were to arrive home on the same day! It has been a true family home, and I don’t underestimate the incredible blessing and privilege to own a wonderful place to raise our family.

Shortly after moving in. January 2007

Yesterday, 2013. 

What do you love about the place you live? Do you love or hate packing?

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  1. Happy moving Caitlin! Your new house will serve you well in the coming years 🙂 I know what you say about great neighbours. I think I would miss ours terribly if we moved as we socialise a lot together and the kids play together. Its been a real blessing for us! I acutally love this house because its much smaller than our last house in NZ so much less to clean 😉 I don’t enjoy packing but I do enjoy the process of purging at the time…makes me feel cleansed and free!!

  2. Many blessings on the new home!

    I’ve only moved once in my adult life…from my parents, to our home…which was a very simple process. Pack my suitcase a few boxes of stuff and put it in the car. We had brought all new furniture and hand me down things directly to our new home. I do NOT want to move any time soon. We like where we live..yea, it’s small, but hopefully next year we’ll change that.

  3. Packing! Unpacking! Work! Work! and did I say Work! I’m over it!
    Still one more family to move in the next month. Still haven’t unpacked everything … but must get off this computer and get over there to help.
    Oh and by the way I love setting up the new place also love touching all my suff in the packing/unpacking process. I think it’s called memories!

  4. Hi, Caitlin! Did you move to your new house already? Packing is such a stressful thing to do, but that’s the time when you realize that you’re about to enter into a much more exciting chapter of your life. 🙂 I hope that you didn’t encounter problems with your moving process. Enjoy your stay in your new home!

  5. Love the passage of time between those photos! The dog has faded!

    Hope it went well. Did you really ask if any one of us loves packing? Hard to imagine that could even be possible…

  6. Your moving in and moving out photos put a smile on my face! Look at the changes! Moving into your childhood home is really lovely. I hope it all goes well. Plus, your kids are just beautiful. The triplets! Adorable.

  7. Moving is really hard–I move a lot for work. I am from Houston and I am currently living here but I am being moved up north for six months and I am dreading it. Because it is such a should amount of time and I am considering not doing the full-blown move and leaving most of my stuff in
    storage in Houston. But I have down the full move before and I am not a fan…it can be so sad. The pictures you posted were great and just show how much you change over time!

  8. Moving out can be a bit sad and a lot more thrilling. It’s sad because that house was a witness of how you live your life with the ones you love. The best part is fun and excitement because there’s this thrill of exploring a new territory and making brand-new experiences with your family. Anyway, though your post is a little tear-jerking, it is a great article. Thanks for sharing this to the readers.

  9. Considering the growing size of your family, moving into a bigger house is, indeed, necessary. Sure, the old place has been a home to you. You know the neighborhood like the back of your hand, and you come to love everything about it. But surely, the new place will offer far greater possibilities for you and your family. These photos are fun to look at, by the way! Hah! Cheers!
    Armandina @ Churchill Mortgage

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