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Who has figured out my blog silence has been associated with moving house? We were trying to have a move that was as low stress as possible.  Quite an unlikely scenario when you have three one year olds, a three and a six year old! I wasn’t too stressed until the night before the move when I looked around and realised how much there was to do. I had been taking boxes and baskets over to the house most days and unpacking them right then and there. This had been working really well, except because of a holdup with the cleaning of the new place, I had started later than I wanted to. Then when I was free to start moving in, the Alex, I and four out of five children got sick, so this slowed me down again. The children recovered, then the triplets got sick again. The week and a half before we moved house I was in the doctor’s office three times, on of those times was the day before we moved when Imogen suddenly contracted conjunctivitis.

Moving day at our old house.

For many of us, after you discover that you are going to have triplets, moving house is something that inevitably happens. The fact is, that fast tracking your family by having higher order multiples, requires that instantly, everything needs to be upsized. We now own a van, groceries need to be bought in bulk, kids clothing multiplies. And as for the house, more room is often required.

To be truthful, as I said in my last post, (read here). We didn’t NEED a new house right now, we certainly would have as the bodies got bigger, but we were doing OK in our old place. Having a larger place, certainly does make things a lot more comfortable though. Kind of.

Of course presents are always good! A housewarming gift for the kids from Miss Rachael. She is such a thoughtful and generous soul!

The extra storage is awesome. So many cupboards to spread out and contain things in. I’m looking forward to having a place for everything, and everything in its place.
Having a large playroom is truly one of the best aspects of the new place. In our previous house we used the fourth bedroom as a playroom, but it really wasn’t enough space to fit everything in comfortably. Hence the babies toys were mainly situated in the lounge room, so the children’s stuff would be spread everywhere. I can’t wait to buy more storage and arrange everything so it looks more attractive, but for now, it’s still a great play area and the children utilise it every day. We can also look them into the room, which is BRILLIANT. (Insert evil laughter.)

A little moment in time. I glanced into the playroom and saw the “twins” playing contentendly with one another. Stuff to melt a heart…

The truth is for the first few weeks I struggled bit time with the size of the new house. I was losing children, and when I lost them, they normally would be up to mischief. Which was very easy to do since there were lots of boxes that were needing to be unpacked that they needed to get into. Also, because the routine hadn’t been set for the new house, it was very hard to herd them to where you wanted to go. Yes, I did just use the word herd, but if you are trying to get three 1 1/2 year olds from point A to point B, it really is like herding.

For instance just to get them outside to play in the afternoon, I would have to get them to the door. That would take 10 minutes because while you chased the runaway, the other two would split up and go separate ways. Then I would have to put boots and coats on at the door, and there would be a chance for escaping while they waited, so repeat all over again. Do you get the picture? At one stage I just wanted to give up and return to our own house, except I didn’t want to pack the half moved in stuff again, so obviously I had to grit my teeth and just get on with the job.

Another hurdle has been incredible back pain. I have a significant scoliosis, which means my spine is shaped like an S. Even though I avoid doing as much heavy lifting as possible, it’s really quite unavoidable, especially with my children being the ages they are. The move particularly aggravated it, just all the bending over and chasing children meant that I was wiped out by the end of the day, so the unpacking is still incomplete. Last week I was in so much pain that I found it difficult to walk. A doctor had prescribed some serious painkillers for me, but they hardly helped. Luckily my chiropractor has been helping although it has been a very slow process. On the upside, I can walk. Which is really useful.

We are gradually getting there. We feel very at home in this house. Jonty is a child who finds change difficult, which normally results in misbehaviour, so it’s been a tough time for us all, but it seems like he really turned the corner in the last week of our three week school holidays. Trent has also found the move difficult. He was a little insecure at first, and then started copying his big brother. They have both needed some firm boundaries, understanding and love to make the transition. This week, Trent exuberantly declared that he loves the new home, so that was a really good sign. I’ll just be happy when all the last boxes and bags that are stashed throughout the house is unpacked. And then I will partay! (Literally, this is an awesome house for entertaining.)

The Accountant with four out of the five kids in our new kitchen. (If you are looking closely, no, the triplets feet are not that big, Jonty has been finding it funny to dress them in the big boys shoes lately. Given the triplets shoe obsession, they gladly go along with the game.)

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  1. what an incredible task! Moving house is stressful in its own right, but with so many little ones as well, you are doing an awesome job! Keep that party as your finish line!
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  2. WOW – hats off to you – I don’t think I would have survived that !!!
    Good luck with getting everything unpacked and in it’s right place. I hope that you and your family will be very happy in your new home !
    Have the best day !

  3. When my husband and I moved to a new house pre children, I thought we could pack all of our items in a couple of boxes… well nearly 50 boxes later!! I couldn’t believe how much stuff we had. I take my hat off to you with five children plus the fact they were sick leading up to the move. You’re a super mum!
    (Found your blog via Essentially Jess)

  4. You have such beautiful little boys. They’re very cute! Anyway, moving to a different neighbourhood can be very stressful at first. But you can always adjust pretty soon. It also helps to be assisted by a reliable removal company. Best wishes to your family and your new home. Keep us updated of the new chapter of your life. Cheers!

  5. I totally identify with the stresses of moving. It’s a huge task in the best of circumstances, so kudos to you on getting through it with five kids! My family has been looking into some Summerville SC real estate, which is a long drive from our current home in NJ. I am dreading what the packing and moving will be like.

  6. That was quite a challenge for you, Caitlin! Moving to a new house with little ones to attend to isn’t easy. But I’m glad you did not stress yourself out on this matter. A new home and a new life for your family! It’s going to be a fun experience; I’m certain with that! Avril Copperfield @ Churchill Mortgage

  7. I know for a fact how stressful moving to a new house is. Cleaning the place, packing and organizing everything are quite daunting, especially if you have a lot of stuff. When we moved to our current home, we didn’t even know where to begin. But we managed by bringing the important things and employing the help of movers. Anyway, congrats on the move!

    Gabe –

  8. Moving into a new house with a baby is enough headache already. But in your case, it’s times three! Wow! I definitely have to salute you for managing all the things needed to be done while taking care of three one year olds, a three year old, and a six year old to top it all off. But the move is indeed necessary since the kids are growing. I’m pleased to hear that they are starting to love their new place. I hope you get everything settled soon. Best of luck!
    Chastity @ Churchill Mortgage Corporation

  9. You got a big family and adorable children. And you are right with your decision to move to a new place to accommodate the comfort and needs of your family. So, how’s life after the big move?

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