Mother's Day Prelude

I’m really enjoying the lead up to our Australian Mother’s Day. Earlier in the week it was Trent’s Kindy Mother’s Day morning tea. It was just gorgeous! There has been a big excitement with the kindy kids in the lead up to the event, with lots of top secret baking and projects. When I arrived Trent’s smile was absolutely beaming and his eyes were shining!

Arrival selfie with one very excited little boy!

The children had made a very cute photo frame, and I just love the picture inside it. They had also made an extremely sugar laden ‘high tea’ in guided by kindergarten taste buds!

During the afternoon, we also had a dance with our kids. Let me tell you, my kid can bust a move, I particularly liked him letting go of my hands to drop to the floor for a bit of freestyle. Trent has a amazing teacher. She really emphasised to the children that they were to spoil Mummy, right down to serving Mummy first and getting a drink for Mummy. It was super sweet!

Trent actually loves it when I dress up, so I put a head piece in for his ‘high tea’. I think he will marry someone very feminine.

At home we have been reading a sweet story about special mums everywhere that I was gifted by Scholastic. It has gorgeous watercolour illustrations featuring cute baby animals and their loveable mums. It actually would make a really beautiful Mother’s Day gift for you to read with your child, or for grandma to read to the grandkids.

Oh, here’s a little hint: I find my husband is more likely to read a blog/look at a site if I email him the link, then he can click on it when he has time, so feel free to email this post onto hubby with a subtle comment!

Back to the book, throughout the pages various animals explain why their Mummy is special to them. I read this book to Jonty and Trent last night and asked them if I was special at the end. Their replies were very masculine.

Jonty: I wish you were asking about Daddy, because he’s special by giving me motorbike rides. (Ouch) But yes, you’re special, you make me school lunches.
Trent: Yes, you’re special because you give me noodles for lunch sometimes.

As I said, very masculine. Stomach first, feelings follow.

Storytime last night. xxx
(Excuse the grainy iPhone picture!)

Anyway, I’ll look forward to Mother’s Day on Sunday. We’re going to have both our mother’s and my sisters and brother and families around for a BBQ lunch. I hope the boys can pull it off. I haven’t written a present list yet, so I really should get thinking about what I could put on that.

That’s another hint for you. If your husband doesn’t like shopping (and don’t we know there are plenty of those type of husbands!) Write a list. Seriously, the guys like a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Be specific, include shop names and locations, pictures from catalogues or links to websites. (Once again, I have been known to email a link to something I’ve liked, and scored too I might add!) I know it may seem a bit outrageous to some or not very sentimental or romantic, but seriously, guys often don’t appreciate the subtlety and you’ll end up with something you like, and believe me the fact that he’s taken the effort to choose something on the list and find the time to buy it, I still find that sentimental and I appreciate his efforts.

So, have you had a mother’s day prelude? Do you write lists or give hints so your fella doesn’t forget or is pointed in the direction of the correct shopping aisle? Do you have a Mother’s Day plan of action for Sunday? I know, so many questions, but I’d love to hear your answers! (Even if for one or two!)

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  1. I have a pinterest wishlist for my family and friends. I make sure it’s updated too. Not only adding things but deleting them if I’m lucky enough to receive an item. Of course, I still had to buy my own mother’s day present last week 😉 My husband is not great at the gift giving thing.

  2. I was on the Mothers Day stall at school so guided my children in some direction of what I liked but left it up to them! We don’t have any plans for the day so probably just be a quiet one unlike you with lots of family around!!

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