Monthly Photo Project – 3 Bubs in a Tub

Without further ado, here is the next group of pictures Linda has taken in our monthly photo project. (Click here to see the monthly photos against a fabric backdrop.)

I think this group of photos really show how much they are growing. Here are each individual photos.

They were so tiny during the first month. We had to find something to prop them up because otherwise they were lying down and you could only see their feet.

It’s a bi hard to see the difference here in size, but they do have a little more flesh on their legs, and they definitely had grown! You can’t tell, but they were all crying in this picture which certainly reflected what life was like in month 2!

 More crying in month 3. Such was life. It was Christmas time, and so reflected in Missy’s onesie. You can certainly see they are filling out more of the tub seat this time.

 Hooray! Smiles have started! It certainly reflects that the sore tummies from cholic and reflux are starting to settle down.

Here’s the month where they were puking ever so much – therefore the colour appropriate bibs! Isn’t it cute how Missy and Chook are clasping hands?

 I love Joey’s little hand resting on the couch here. Poor Chook’s sleeping away, and Missy was starting to feel squashed!

The triplets are now seven months old – I suppose I ought to schedule another shoot!

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  1. I cannot believe how big they are getting! It is amazing how fast little ones grow, if you blink too long you just might miss it. Such precious little cuties!

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