Wow. I’m glad that I didn’t say a time on Monday that the winner would be announced. I’ve just had my first opportunity to get to the computer. Life is super crazy right now. 
Super crazy. 
For example, I was trying to get out of the house this morning, and I didn’t drive away until 11:15. It didn’t help that Chook grabbed a flag that J Boy had sat in a very large vase, which knocked the vase over and it smashed into a million pieces. But we did make it into town. Myself, T-star and two babies. Which is easier than three babies. The poor third baby stayed at home and got lonely. When we came home, he was so overjoyed to see the other two babies, he hugged them, no really he did. (It’s actually the 2nd time he’s given a sibling a cuddle now. It’s adorable.) And he gave his sister a kiss. An open mouth kiss at that. But it was innocent, truly it was. And just a tad sloppy. 
Back to my shopping trip. It went quite well. Until I refused to buy T-star the plastic ball he found with a rubber ducky he desperately wanted to take home. When I denied his request, he kept dropping to the ground and refusing to walk. It’s a commonly used two year old tactic, and unbelievably successful at driving mothers such as myself particularly crazy. Anyway. I eventually got him back to the car. It wasn’t easy. And then we shopped for fruit and vegies after he had settled down. We got home, fed babies, had haircuts for the older boys and myself. Made food for babies. Made dinner for the rest of the family. Fed babies.Put babies to bed. Had dinner. Got boys to bed. Babies awoke. Got babies back to sleep. Soon it will be time to feed babies again…

Without further ado. The winner of the $50 Mini You voucher is:

Congratulations Selena. Contact me and let me know what email address you would like your voucher sent to. Your kidlets are going to be looking simply scrumptious dressed in their Mini You clothes!

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