Mickey Fish Progress Report

Our Betta fish that we inherited from my cousin’s wedding is making fine progress! The fact that he is alive is an instant bonus, and the fact that he isn’t even swimming sideways is an even happier moment for all. (Most of all for Mickey!) Since our last update, Mickey has scored cleaner waters and has once again taken up residence in his original wedding vase. It’s a bit smaller than my fish bowl, so the water is able to stay warmer for longer. Plus it fits onto his shelf. He feels well and truly one of the kids now with prime placement in between my beautiful Willow Tree figurines I was given to commemorate my children’s birth and my pregnancy.

Our lounge room has become Mickey’s bedroom, since it gets quite warm from midday onward from the afternoon sun. Mickey has become a lot more active since moving to his new quarters and consistently keeps his health up swimming laps of the vase.

His only complaint at the moment is that is a bit hungry. The J Bomb was in a horrid mood one day, and to get back at Mummy not answering his question because I was talking on the phone, he went and tipped all the fish food outside. The J Bomb has been told that he must replace the fish food with his pocket money, but we haven’t been to the pet shop yet. It’s amazing how long the fish is lasting on an empty stomach, perhaps I should have been feeding previous goldfish less then once a day… Could be the secret to fish longevity. Anyway, I felt sorry for Mickey today and fed him gold fish food, which he accepted.

Oh, and my cousin posted some wedding pictures on facebook, and would you believe, here’s the happy moment my father decided to bring Mickey home (not to his house) captured on film!

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