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One of things about being pregnant with triplets is that because you get tired a lot quicker, are big and uncomfortable, have a high risk pregnancy where doing too much can land you in hospital or even worse, cause premature birth, so you learn to rely on other people. And I have to say, my family, friends and church family are WONDERFUL! So many people have been helping me doing things like cleaning, cooking meals taking care of my older children and giving me things. Last week I even appreciated one lovely lady tidying up my pantry! It looks so much more orderly now!

My wonderful mother has been co-ordinating the host of volunteers and will continue to do so after the triplets are born, because we are going to need so much more help then, since there will also be three little babies that need attention, and there’s only one of me during the day, and even when The Accountant arrives home in the evening the babies will outnumber the parents!

I thought I’d share with you a great little site that is helping with receiving meals. My friend Lacey discovered it and passed the link on. It’s called Meal Baby. Basically if you would like to organise something to help a friend out with providing meals, whether it be a mother of newborn(s), someone who is sick, or just someone who is really busy and you know could benefit from some help, you can use this site to get people to sign up for providing a meal. If you are from the US, you don’t even need to make a meal if you are a useless cook, you can even sign up to provide a gift voucher to a restaurant!

There is a calendar with all the days where a meal is required marked on it. It’s then as simple as clicking on a date and nominating what meal you are going to bring. (This is a great feature, as it allows the family to receive a nice variety of meals.) There’s also a section where you can list an pertinant information such as food dislikes, likes, allergies, etc.

It has been such a blessing at the end of the day if my belly is sore, I have a screaming toddler and a tired grumpy pre-schooler to not have to force myself to make dinner grimacing through the pain and hoping contractions don’t start. Thanks to everyone who is supplied us with dinner – every dish has been deeeelicious and we really appreciate your efforts!

In fact, there was one night where dinner wasn’t provided and J-Boy asked who had made the meal. When I said that I had, he immediately became concerned, “Are you sure that didn’t hurt your tummy too much Mummy? Do you really think you should do that?” (Suppose he didn’t realise that frozen fish fillets and chips weren’t too taxing!) He’s also loved trying out the new dishes. On Saturday night, after a few bites of a chicken and pineapple stir fry, he declared, “This is incredible!” and then requested we kept the leftover apple pie until his next birthday. I assured him that I’m sure we could supply him with a brand new pie for his birthday in July!

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  1. wow thats amazing!! It’s nice to have support!
    Over the summer while I was really sick I rarely made dinner. One night my 10yr old son came to me and said “mommy, we can’t just live on snacks!” LOL!! Needless to say I made a bit more of an effort after that!

  2. Your boys are adorable and will be such great Big Brothers when the time comes. Older sibs rally when the going is tough and become very *responsible* when you trust them with important tasks for the new ones.
    Bless you~ You’re on the prayer list daily!

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