"Makes You Smile" – January Photo a Day Challenge

A little while ago I told the tale of the gnome and the budgie.

Sadly the budgie is no longer with us. He came to an unfortunate end when a large lump of wood was dropped, severing his plaster torso from his body.

The gnome lives on, and is frequently moved to various parts of the garden by J Boy. Whenever I encounter the gnome, he makes me smile.

As cute as the little fellow is, it’s not him that makes me smile. Rather it’s the thought processes of the five year old for choosing the gnome’s location that gives me mirth. Here, the gnome stands in a hole dug by the dog. The gnome is guarding the hole, making sure that the dog will not dig in the garden bed again.

See. No dog dares to dig.

Which makes me think. I ought to put a gnome here.

or maybe here:

 or I’d even consider posting a gnome sentinel here:

Because, whatever your opinion about garden gnomes, you must admit. They are far more aesthetically pleasing than the fillers that The Accountant has been using to deter the dog from further excavation work in his favourite holes.

So, do you have a garden gnome? Or do you have a dog that digs?

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  1. I have a gnome couple on a garden swing. But they are still in the box. Maybe this summer they can come out for some fresh air. I work as a gardener and sometimes the gnomes can be a little overpowering. And I have a dog that digs.

  2. What a cute post! Love it!

    We have two garden gnomes but no dog… So, no holes here!

    We are trying to find a gnome with a blue hat – they are very hard to find… I am considering painting a green one blue. {Miss A LOVES ‘Gnomeo and Juliet”}

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