Linguistic Lessons

J Boy wanders into the room. “Au Revoir” he says, looking proud of himself and his obvious intellectual superiority.

“Where are you going?” I ask, a little mystified.

“Oh,” slightly confused pause. “What’s Hello?”


 “OK … Bonjour!” I am cheerily greeted.

“And if you want to say, ‘Goodnight’, it’s ‘Bonsoir’.”

“Bonsoir,” he repeats, attempting to commit it to memory.

I start getting into the spirit of our impromptu French lesson. ” ‘Bon’ means ‘good’ in French. If you want to say good luck to someone when you are playing a game, you would say, ‘Bon Chance’. “

Another enlightened, “Oh!” Pause.

So what do they mean when they say ‘Bonfire’?”

Herewith the French lesson concludes.


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