Ladybug Party

On Saturday, my niece had a Ladybug Party for her 5th birthday. She’s such a funny little thing, my five year old niece. She makes us laugh, yet doesn’t like being the centre of attention. She is cuddly, but sometimes cuddles aren’t appropriate. She loves animals. Especially chooks. (Translation for the non-Aussie readers: Chickens.) My sister woke up one morning, opened her eyes to stare into a chooks beady eyes mere centimetres from her own. My little neice had brought the hen indoors to assist in a wake up call.

The birthday girl herself, thrilled that a lizard crashed her party.
Anyway, I should stop talking. This is for Wordless Wednesday, after all. The ladybug party was a thoroughly delightful affair. Right from Uncle Adrian carrying the triplets en masse from the car to the party. (They had just woken up from the long drive and were a bit groggy.) Unfortunately I only had one ladybug outfit, but Jayden was a stellar bug and surprised me by keeping it on the whole time.

 My two sisters had done a wonderful job with the food. Plenty of fruit and even cheese imitating ladybeetles. Including a watermelon, although it was a bit of a large freaky ladybug. I loved that Katrina put party snacks and fruit such as grapes and melon balls in cupcake papers. It made the party look all the more cheerful as well as making it easy for the children to grab food without putting grubby hands into bowls. There seemed to be less waste also.

Of course the obligatory birthday cake was a ladybug. My brother-in-law made it. He’s awesome at making kids cakes.

Grown up shennanigans.

And moments with little people waiting patiently for her Grandad to open her lollies. Complete with her “painting toes” to copy Mummy’s toes painted red and dotted with a sharpie for that ladybug look.

One more little thing that I have been remembering while celebrating my neice, Miss R’s, birthday. I’ve probably broken the Wordless Wednesday rule, (although honestly, have I not done less talking then normals?)  
Miss R was born in later in the day, but that morning I had been receiving IVF treatment. I had an embryo implanted. And that was part of beginning of Master Trent’s life.
On Miss R’s birthday, in an amazing moment of symmetry, I was once again undergoing an IVF procedure. This time, two eggs were implanted. Not long after, one of those eggs split, and hey presto, there were triplets on the way. (Read about it here)
A special day

for so many reasons.

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  1. These photos really made me SMILE!! What an awesome party – loved all the food, just so cute!! It looks like you all had lots of fun. I had to laugh at the chook story too – I think I would have had heart failure if I woke up with one in my bed xx

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