Kindy Mum

I’m a kindy Mum now!

Kindy Mum

This momentous occassion came because Jonty is now a big kindy boy.

1st day of Kindy

My little boy is estatic that he finally big enough to go to kindy, and we are just about to finish his 3rd week. He was so excited the night before kindy that he couldn’t sleep. I was so worried he was going to be too tired and grumpy on his first day, but he did just fine. He came home saying he was happy, although he was slightly concerned I’d packed too much lunch for him. Whoops. Overzealous first time Kindy Mum. He was then so excited he couldn’t get to sleep because he had been to Kindy. When I went in to try and tickle his back and send him off to sleep, (normally works a charm), he spent a great deal of time telling me in detail the exploits of his day. I loved it. I dread the day when school will become boring and when I ask what he did during his day, the reply is “Nothing”. For now, I love all the little stories about building block bridges and playing in the sandpit and all the little things the teacher said.

He’s certainly settled into his new routine. So much so that he tells me that he now does wees in the Kindy toilet. Slightly aghast, I asked why he hadn’t answered the call of nature earlier at Kindy. “I just didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun.” was his solemn reply. It’s good to know that he’s figured out that toilet breaks are a necessity. I’m very happy that the spare of clothes didn’t need to get used before he figured this out.

 Kindy Lockers

Jonty’s cousin, Corinne the pocket rocket, (my sister’s mini clone), is also in the same class. Isn’t she adorable on her first day in her daggy red hat?

1st Day of Kindy Girl

Corinne has also settled into kindy life, and unlike the Jonty who doesn’t know anyones names, (Although he has mentioned that, “I’m worried about the twins.” Dramatic Sigh. “They are just too little to go to kindy. They shouldn’t come when the are too little. They should wait until they are big like me.”) The Pocket Rocket is on first name basis with the entire class. Has been condescending enough to speak to children who do not listen to her in an extremely loud voice, but has reassured the teacher that she will speak in a normal voice to Mrs. C since Mrs C. is a good listener. The Pocket Rocket is also on a quest to change the Kindy hours to suit her schedule better. She has informed Mrs. C. that the current times are not quite acceptable and has suggested a few changes to work in with her family life.

Here’s the stars of my over zealous first time Kindy lunch. Made with love the night before. Jonty had picked out making mini-pizza’s for his first Kindy lunch from a cook book. I thought it would be fun to make them into funny faces. It was quite easy, and a great way to sneak in vegies. I packed two, which is how many he would normally eat at home, then threw in a 3rd, because he’s always hungry at the moment and asking for more. He ate one at Kindy, came home and ate one for afternoon tea, then fed one too the dog. Humph. The dog was the most enthusiastic about the lunch. The Baby had thought it was a pretty good package too when he ate his at lunch time.

Pizza Kindy Lunch

So, the start of Jonty’s education has started well, thanks to his outstanding teacher. Nothing more heartwarming as a parent to meet a teacher who adores hanging in the sand pit with your kid, gives your child warm enthusiastic welcomes, listens wholeheartedly and keeps the parents updated with all the little events throughout the day. The Accountant even admits its worth the kindy fees!

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  1. Hi Le,
    Chiselhurst has a very good reputation, so I’m not surprised you found it good. We didn’t find it difficult. We chose a C&K according to location. Booked in nice and early because it’s popular. It has an excellent reputation and the teacher had been great previously for my older neice and nephew.

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