The Accountant was having a little complain about the amount of fuel I’ve used this week. Accountants factor these things in to daily life, you know.

Do your “hear” your own thoughts inside your own head? I do. The Accountant doesn’t hear his own thoughts, he just thinks without hearing. But he does have an internal cash register. Every time a current, past or future expenditure is noted, there is a big old cash register making a very loud, old fashioned, clingy, clanging – KA-CHING! -inside his brain.

How many times did you go into town this week? KA-CHING!
Do you really need a hair cut? KA-CHING!
The light is on. KA-CHING!
Don’t squeeze too much toothpaste out of the tube. KA-CHING!
What? A family member is having another birthday? KA-CHING!
Don’t put too much dog food in the bowl. KA-CHING!
It’s one year until our child starts school. KA-CHING!
You went out for coffee? KA-CHING!
Switch the power point off at the wall after using the washing machine. KA-CHING!
Cheese is expensive, isn’t it? KA-CHING!
Is that a new pair of shoes? KA-CHING!

It’s one of the more irritating aspects of being married to an accountant.

Come end of financial year and time to hand in tax returns – now that is when it’s worthwhile to be sleeping with your accountant.

And when you want a financially secure future for your family. That’s another good reason for being married to an accountant.

And if you want a man who pays attention to detail, especially when you can’t see the details because you are staring at the big picture. Yep, that’s when it’s handy to be married to an accountant also. You got get the details accomplished if you want to see the big picture.

If you find all aspects of finance boring and want to escape the monotany of paying bills and filling out paperwork, yep, that’s another time it’s handy to be married to an accountant.

Or, if you want your superannuation self managed, and make huge profits compared to normal super funds. Leave it to your husband once again, and he’ll even get excited about the paperwork just o see the growing funds.

From our first honeymoon fight as a married couple, money has often been a recurring theme in the barney department for us. Even though we are getting better and have worked out ways for household peace with the budget, I know that the issue will keep arising. I’d complain a lot more about money disappearing myself if I had a noisy cash register ringing in my ears constantly too!

Because if you want a dependable, lovable and faithful man. Marry an Accountant! (If you’re not married already.) I’d highly reccomend it. Although it helps to choose one with lots of personality and a sense of humour. (That can be a challenge.)

I love my accountant!

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  1. My husband is not an accountant but still takes close note of how often I go into town and what I buy at the supermarket. Hopefully one day all the saving will pay off!

  2. More when we were first married he used to comment that I used too much toothpaste Emily Sue! So not really, but put it in for humour value. The Accountant read this and thought that some of the Ka-ching statements were rubbish, but consented to their publication nevertheless!

  3. Oh my gosh, that’s where I went wrong. If only I’d married an accountant… if only… if only…

    I love my spendthrift policeman. But it sure is hard being the person in the relationship who has to go “KA-CHING”.

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