January/February Goal Report

Hello, hello, hello!

I am hoping this is me properly logged on and ready to blog in 2016 – let’s start with a goal report, eh?

I’m sorry I’ve been so erratic at blogging for the last several months. I don’t think I exactly lost my mojo –  I have been constantly composing blogs in my head, but the words remained trapped there as the rhythm of blogging had escaped me as homelife/mumlife/holidaylife/backtoschool life seem to crowd my days, snag my attention and tire me out plus a few ongoing health issues ensured I didn’t get my energy back.

But here I am! Fingers clicking away at the keyboard and writing within a quiet house, children temporarily evicted for Kindy and school. I was looking forward to the peace and solitude of having the house to myself, but since school has begun I haven’t had very many quiet mornings at home, instead I have had days crowded with appointments, people and commitments. In fact there has been only one quiet morning, but it was busy as I tried to rush around tidying as much as I could before I had to start Kindy pick ups. I had been warned how quickly this time passes, and indeed it does.

So, my plan was to update you each month this year on how I’m tracking with my goals for 2016. Well, due to failing goal 6, I’m going to combine the January and February posts into this one edition today.

  1. Declutter
    So, this is happening really slowly, and I haven’t really completed a room at this point in time. But I have been decluttering, and there are some living areas that are a lot more clear. I have got pockets of clutter everywhere in this home, so this project is going to take time before we have some great results, but I feel like I’m off to a sound start. I’ll give myself a C on the decluttering efforts.
  2. Cook New Food
    I am smashing this goal!!! A+ !  So far this year, we have done so much baking! I think I’ve kind of revised this goal to not just be cooking new food, although I’ve been doing this, but also cooking more from scratch. I’ve really avoided using the ready made packets and bottles a lot, and it kind of feels good to know that in the process we’re saving costs and cutting out a lot of nasty additives and preservatives that we might otherwise be consuming. Favourite meals the last two months have been salmon rissoles, creamy pasta (although this is an old fave), thai beef salad and a slow cooker massaman curry.  (Another go to recipe) I also made an awesome no knead bread. Truly revolutionary! So easy, no need for a bread machine and tasty! My kids are big bread fans and were really thrilled and can’t wait to have it even more during winter to go with soups.

    Thai Beef Salad
    Thai Beef Salad

    Favourite treats in the lunchboxes that we’ve baked have been delectable date pillow biscuits, apricot and chia bliss balls, fig and lemon bliss balls, condensed milk choc chip biscuits, banana bread, pear tea cake, pear crumble cake, (pears were on special!), a New York brownie cheesecake and yesterday Imogen, Trent and I got the cookie cutters out and whipped up a double batch of gingerbread bikkies. I also had a delightful evening baking with my friend Belinda when our bookclub didn’t show up so we cranked out cakes and biscuits for our family instead. I have to say, I kept getting distracted because I was talking so much (plus my kids were being naughty and not sleeping so I was also chasing them back into bed). Thank goodness Belinda was more switched on then I was, so everything turned out. But bake and chat with a friend. I was in my happy place!

  3. Create
    Another goal I’m happy with. I think this is deserving of an A in January, and maybe a B for February. In January I made some cute little sheet bags for the triplets to carry their sheets to Kindy in for rest time. I particularly love that I’ve used fabric that I used during their monthly photo shoots when they were babies!
    Tote bags
    In February, I’ve had one meet up with my friend Jodie where she cut out bunting and I worked on my crochet blanket. It was a very pleasant afternoon, since I was late arriving and didn’t make it before lunchtime on account of trying to catch up on the declutter goal before I left. (So the Accountant wouldn’t complain too much!) I’m looking forward to our next creating session!!!
  4. Theme Months
    Another F for fail here. Themes no. Spending time with the kids without themes. Yes. So only a technical failure, although I’d like to continue to try to be more specific with my triplet time on non-Kindy days. It’s easy to let them keep playing independently and get my own work done, which is fine, but I think we would all benefit from a little more concentrated Mum time.
  5. Explore the OutdoorsMonthly Family Bushwalk Challenge #monthlyfamilybushwalk (Join in!!!)
    This has been my favourite goal so far I think. We have now done two bushwalks in both months, and it is just delightful to spend time in the outdoors as a family. Plus exercise! Plus seeing our country! Plus bonding! Plus building stamina! Plus, plus, plus, the list continues.
    In January we explored Maiala National Park at Mt. Glorious. We were very proud of the four children (we were missing Jonty who was out on Grandad’s farm with his cousins) who walked the 4.3km return track to Greenes Fall. Not a bad way to start our challenge!

    Maiala National Park
    Maiala National Park

    Last weekend, our February exploration was Crows Nest Falls. We may need to repeat this one, either as a family or perhaps just the kids and I during a school holiday because we didn’t walk all the way to the falls because our little Miss got in the car with no shoes on. We drove around Crows Nest looking for shoes, but alas, it’s impossible to even find a pair of thongs in a sleepy country town after 12pm on a Saturday. We were able to walk quite comfortably to the Bottlebrush pool – Daddy had to carry the small girl a bit. She was quite happy to walk barefooted the way home though, in fact so did some of the boys as well. It was a hot day, so swimming at Crows Nest Falls was just lovely and refreshing, even despite The Accountant claiming he was attacked by a platypus. (He did get cut on his feet and legs by some animal, so who knows!) The kids also loved climbing on the plentiful supply of rocks. I can remember loving doing the same thing as a child. It’s lovely when history repeats itself.

    Crows Nest Falls
    Crows Nest Falls

6. Blog more regularly 

Well, you all can give me a big fat F for January, and I think we could probably say for February as well, unless perhaps I can scrape two blogs this week, and then I might give myself a D. Hopefully this will be the turning point though!!!

So there’s a little bit of what has happening in my world. Of course sandwiched in there were rather important things like starting school and kindy. Also we had a trip to Bundy to celebrate a friend’s 40th and a visit to a shearing shed on Grandad’s farm out west, which was just great for the kids.


What’s been happening during the start of your year? Can you believe we are almost in our 3rd month? Do you love to bushwalk? Do you want to join our #monthlyfamilybushwalk challenge? Remember to instagram/facebook/tweet if you do and use the hashtag!!!

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  1. I got a shock too when I realised that almost two months have already passed in 2016!

    You have such a lovely mix of goals. I find it hard to concentrate on more than 3 goals at the most in any given month.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about limiting goals. I think this is mainly working for me because they are such separate parts of life. Well – they will work if improve on those two I didn’t do well in! But yes, 2016 is flying away already!

  2. I can’t believe February is almost over! It’s gone so quick! I was going great guns in February when it came to ticking things off my list, but after being sick last week and getting nothing done I am so behind on everything, especially the marketing course I’m doing. I’m hoping to make up for it this week though, but it’s hard when I only have 6 child-free hours a week. But onwards and upwards, I just have to make the time and get it done!

    Your bushwalking challenge sounds like a fabulous idea! We are surrounded by bushland out here, and there really is no excuse for not getting out in to it more often, considering how much Dave and the girls love getting their bush on. I think I might have to join you and make it a family goal for us too.

    1. Oh please do join in and instagram your family’s activity. (It’s so easy to take pictures in picturesque national parks!) Sorry to hear you were sick, it does upset the rhythm, when that happens. Doesn’t kid free time go twice as fast?

  3. I think if you’re doing all that baking you deserve an A all around! I don’t love spending lots of time cooking; there are so many other things I would prefer to be doing.
    Love the bags you made and how you repurposed the fabric. That’s very cool.

  4. I love that you’ve taken some time out to live life, Caitlin. It sounds as though you’ve had a lot on and it’s good to see you’ve been enjoying it. I love your bushwalking pictures, but I must admit that I like bushwalking like a hole in the head. I’ll go to the beach any day of the week but the bush has bugs and stuff. Yes, yes, I know, I know. Anyway, I’m rambling and it is late. Great to see you back.

  5. I’m still struggling to understand how it is the end of February already! This year has gotten off to a flying start! Love the idea of the bush walk challenge, though I have no idea where we as a family would find the time. WE are currently in that space of life, where we rarely see each other as we are too busy!!

  6. Clutter! Dare I admit this goal is mine! Genes, living with a hoarder, example, laziness, affluence whatever the reason for the ailment I’m finding change a looong process. I’ve been trying to declutter since moving house 3 years ago. Nothing like moving to show just how much you have accumulated. I’ve been trying to finish projects, buy less and bin more and was thrilled the other day to open a cupboard and find it empty – I mean completely empty. SIGH! (I put something into that empty cupboard!)

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