Iron Man

Recently I was woken out of a deep sleep by J Boy, a couple of inches from my nose asking, “Mum! Can I learn how to iron now?”

I say, if the boy wants to learn how to iron, you teach him to iron!

Extreme concentration.

He was so proud of himself. He told anyone who would listen for the next few days, “I can iron now!”
Luckily Nanny B was around to help her grandson when Mummy got busy with the triplets!
Yes. We are all happy with this arrangement.

What jobs do your kids enjoy?

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  1. Wow, Caitlin, you’re doing something right! Your boy asks if he can learn to iron! My kids have each asked me what “that” is when catching sight of the rarely-used iron. I outsource my ironing – I figure I do everything else including mowing, so getting some help with the chore I’m least-competent at isn’t a crime? It’s just a bad look when one’s kids don’t know what an iron is…

    So … what does J-Boy charge per business shirt? If my Ironing Help ever closes down, I’ll need a backup.

  2. Um, how much will you pay for a six year old to iron your shirt? I never considered child labor. Several ideas are popping into my mind right now! I would never keep on top of the ironing if it wasn’t for all the help we get. Outsourcing is great!

  3. That’s great! Sienna loves to vacuum, fold the washing, unload the dishwasher & basically any other task that is deemed as helping! Can’t wait til she’s big enough to clean the shower!

  4. My kids vacuum (with the wand shortened) and get washing off the line (standing on stumps and chairs). I love it. I pay them sometimes, and hug them always. And I try desperately hard never to redo their work, no matter how… differently… they’ve done it to me! That’s important with husbands, too.

    1. I’ve been wanting to let J Boy take clothes off the line. Safely that is. He tried to last week and he ended up breaking a line from just pulling them. You are good not re-doing their work. I have to admit, I’ve made a little change if I think they won’t notice. Not for the husband though. I let him do his own thing, although I do give advice for next time!

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