Interview With My Husband

The very awesome Kylie Purtell posted a very funny Interview with her husband. A few bloggers have been joining in and interviewing their hubbys – with varying degrees of success! I instantly knew this is the type of fun thing I wanted to do also.

I knew Alex would play, but it would be a question of timing.  The Accountant is very task oriented and he has had some projects that he has been working on at nights lately and doesn’t take to kindly to interruptions and if you try to catch him at the end of the evening he’s tired and grumpy. I printed out Kylie’s interview so that I would have the questions ready should a good time pop up. I then forgot about it and left it in Alex’s office. He delivered it to me without a word and went to keep on walking. “Did you read it?” I questioned.

“Yes,” he replied, “What’s that about?”
I explained that some bloggers are interviewing husband’s and I’d like to do it too. “OK.” he replied. It seemed like it was going to be easy!

“Now?” I asked hopefully.

“No.” And off he walked.

That was earlier in the week. The rest of the week was busy, crowded with meetings and work. Saturday morning I planned to brooch the subject once again. I watched carefully as Alex read the paper. The timing had to be right. It couldn’t be to soon so I pounced as he neared the end, before he was planning his next move.

Caitlin: Hey babe, can you do that blogger interview with me now?
Alex: (Looks up, looks down at his paper. Frowns.) No.
Caitlin: (Looks down, he’s only reading the classifieds for goodness sakes. Glares.)
Alex: OK. I guess so. But it’s so noisy.

I get up remove the four plastic boxes and four wooden spoonso from the hands of two identical boys that were enthusiastically beating those boxes . I explain they need to be quiet and play with Thomas. I walk out deciding to ignore the stench of poo knowing I only had a limited time frame to ask the questions. I sit down. Trent comes tearing into the room demanding I cook some more porridge. He has just eaten a big bowl of it. I deny his request. He accuses me of being mean and runs out of the room, locking the glass door behind him. It is a move of defiance, but I take it as a blessing that we will not be interrupted. By now Alex is onto the sports page. I clear my throat, he looks up. From behind I can hear a high pitched whimpering from behind the locked glass door. I turn around. The small girl is holding herself and doing the potty dance. I run to the glass door and start banging, yelling at Trent to unlock it. Luckily, the small girl unlocks it. (When did she learn to do that?) We race to the toilet. She sits. She starts crying. She’s constipated. I’m stroking her back, reading her stories. Waiting.

Alex appears. “I thought I would ride my motorbike to the shop now so they can fix it. Can you put the kids in the car and follow me so I can get home?” I look up. He knows what I’m thinking. 16 years of marriage has trained him. “We can do your interview afterwards,” he kindly adds.

We dress five children. Put them in the car. After I pick up Alex, I get into the passenger side. We decide to drive the kids to get doughnuts for a treat. This will be a good time to question him. I whip out the questions and start recording his answers on my iPhone.

What is the best part about being married to Caitlin?
Alex: (He looks at me and we both start chuckling.  Interviewing your husband does feel a bit strange!) That’s a hard question to ask straight up front. Ummmmm. The best thing she’s a great Mum, a loving wife (slight pause) and very caring lady and a lot of fun. What else?

What is the worst part about being married to Caitlin?
Alex: She’s messy. Extremely messy.
Guilty as charged. That’s no secret.

What is Caitlin’s most annoying habit?
Alex: Creating more mess. Not putting things away. Not filing things.
All true. Let’s move on.

What is Caitlin’s most endearing habit?
Alex: (softly) Endearing? (pause) That’s a nice habit.
Caitlin: Yes.
Alex: Um. Cooking nice meals for her husband.
Caitlin: That’s it?
Alex: That was the most. Most means I only have to say one.

What do you admire most about Caitlin?
Alex: I’ve already said what I admire. It’s the same as the last question.
Caitlin: No, that was the best part of being married to Caitlin.
Alex: But I admire all those similar traits. You’re good with the kids, you’re a lovely wife that serves your husband.
Caitlin: Serves?
Alex: Well, you serve each other in a marriage don’t you? That’s what marriage is about.
Caitlin: OK. (You can’t argue with that!)

What was the first thing that attracted you to Caitlin?
Alex: Caitlin was a youth group leader standing out front when I first saw her and I thought she was very nice with a strong personality and very confident in herself. And so I thought I would like to get to know her better so I played pool with her because she had a pool table. (This is true, a few days after meeting Alex he turned up on our doorstep uninvited and asked if he could come in and play pool!)
Jonty: (Who obviously has been listening in on this) And I know what happened then. Grandma didn’t know who Daddy was when he came to play pool.
Caitlin: That’s right Jonty.

Before we were engaged. At my 21st birthday.

What do you enjoy most about being a Dad?
Alex: Hanging out with the kids doing fun things like kicking balls, riding motorbikes, swimming, going to the beach. All the fun activities and seeing them learn and develop as you train them.

What do you least enjoy about being a Dad?
Alex:  Screaming, crying, fighting, being woken up in the middle of the night for a wet bed. (He’s a great Dad, he changes most of the wet sheets in the middle of the night. Often I don’t even wake up!) Dirty nappies.

What was your favourite thing to do with Caitlin pre-kids?
Alex: Pre-kids? Travelling around the world.
Caitlin: Amen.

Hungary – 2002

What do you miss doing with Caitlin now you have kids and limited time?
Alex: Travelling around the world. (We both laugh.)
Caitlin: Do a different answer.
Alex: Going out for dinner. Doing one off spur of the moment trips to the beach.

In our favourite city in the world, 2004. A few months later we later we moved there to live for a year.

What is your most hated household chore?
Alex: Hanging pictures. (We both laugh.)
Caitlin: Can we do that tonight?
Alex: (Laughs then very abruptly stops.) No.
Caitlin: We really need to.

What is your least hated household chore?
Alex: Packing the dishwasher.
Jonty: And even doing the mopping.
Caitlin: Daddy doesn’t mop. We need someone to mop though.

What is your favourite thing to cook?
Alex: Pizza.
Caitlin: We knew that answer, didn’t we Jonty?
Jonty: Yeah. Pizza is his favourite.
Alex: Pizza and stir fry.
Caitlin: To cook? Or to eat?
Alex: To cook. I cook a stir fry to eat when you’re not around.

What do you think annoys Caitlin most about you?
Alex: When I fluff.
The 8 year old laughs.
Caitlin: True, there was an incident last night… There’s something else.
Alex: Grinding my teeth.
Caitlin: Grinding your teeth? You don’t do that much.
Alex: Itching the back of my throat when it’s itchy.
(YES! I hate that. He kind of does it with his tongue and his whole mouth moves in this annoying, dorky way.)

What do you think Caitlin loves most about you?
Alex: (Smirks) My good looks, my muscly body, (8 year old giggles), and my great personality. My humour.
Caitlin: I actually love your butt more than your muscly body.
Alex: My hairy back.
(Caitlin and Jonty burst out laughing.)
Alex: You’re so lucky.
Jonty: And his stinky undies. (The four year old male laughs.)
Alex: My scratchy face when I kiss her.
Jonty: And his cool clothes.
(Alex and Caitlin look at each other and laugh.)
Caitlin: Daddy’s cool clothes? Daddy didn’t dress cool until Mummy taught him how to. (Alex is laughing. He knows it’s true.)

A few years into marriage…

At this point, we go into the store, the children all choose a special doughnut so we can enjoy a family treat. Alex orders a coffee. The coffee takes so long that the children have all eaten their doughnuts by the time he appears. We need to get to soccer, so we go to walk out of the shopping centre. However, the triplets are overcome with the excitement of having Daddy around that they all want to hold his hand. Alex now has one hand due to the coffee. I’m trying to hold the hands of two children, who keep dropping to the ground in protest. (You know that classic toddler move.)  Alex is holding an older boys hand in the same hand as a younger boy. The younger boy doesn’t like this and is also dropping to the ground. We are in the middle of a busy walkway and have three toddlers at our feet crying. I take the coffee and pick up one child, Alex picks up two children and then we have only one child crying because he wants to hold Daddy’s hand. He becomes satisfied with an extended finger. You know what? I don’t think the kids will ever understand how in love I am with their father at that moment and every other little moment like this. We have a moment of weakness and let the children have a ride on the spiderman machine on the way out the door. We pay for it dearly and have to cart out three tantruming toddlers who want another ride. By the time we get to the car, loving feelings are gone and I am ready to throw that blasted coffee because there are not enough hands to wrangle wriggling, screaming bodies because of it. I’m only slightly satisfied when we get to the car and Alex puts it on the bonnet and spills a bit of it. He’s forgiven as I watch him try to wrestle a hysterical two year old into a seatbelt as he has stretched his body as stiff as a plank. Eventually we get in the car and realise we are in danger of being late for soccer.

Later I conclude the interview later over lunch.

Why do you think Caitlin is lucky to be married to you?
Alex: Because of my caring personality and my gentle caring loving nature. (Smirks.) My patience. And I help you a lot in the house.
(He said all of this in a sarcastic way, but it’s actually all true.)

What do you think the secret to a happy marriage is?
Alex: Yes dear, No dear. (This is an old joke we heard when first married when an elderly gentleman was asked that in church one Sunday when asked how he had stayed married for 50 years.)
Caitlin: Anything else you want to say?
Alex: And gifts.
(I’ve taught him well.)

So, how do you think your husband would perform for an interview? I kind of think that my guy did a pretty darn good job. And it was a lot of fun. I kind of love doing this type of thing after being married for quite some time. The times we just look at each other and laugh because we know what the other is thinking, the answers he gives that make me laugh because I knew he was going to say that. The answers he gave that made me laugh because I wasn’t expecting him to say that. Marriage is comfortable yet adventurous. I’m a lucky gal!

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(Oh, and apologies for the date at the top of this post. This really is a new post for today. I just accidentally pressed publish yesterday, then quickly reverted it to draft to publish this morning. I’m an honest person, so it bothers me that it appears that I’m breaking the rules!)

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  1. YEp!! You sure are a lucky gal. How funny is it when you already know the answers. Oh man that sounded like an adventure and a half that little trek with the fan. Why do coffee places always take so long when they can clearly see world war 3 break out with impatient children??

  2. In their defence, they couldn’t see the kids, and if they had they were behaving perfectly while doughnuts were in their hands! It was just once they were eaten we ran into trouble. But at the end of the day, at least I have a great man beside me to deal with the difficulties.

  3. Yes, I read your interview and laughed, but didn’t get the chance to comment Emily! It’s my back-up plan if Alex complains about me posting this interview. (This morning he was surprised when I said it was live. He didn’t think I was posting it on the blog. I’m not sure why he thought I was interviewing him and recording the answers!)

  4. Had to chuckle at the coffee incident! Loved the interview and BTW, the scene of the two of you in Budapest…I was in the same spot 2008. My father comes from Budapest 🙂

  5. Caitlin this is a gorgeous post. So funny and just beautiful. You can tell what a great relationship you all have. Love the pics too 🙂

  6. I’ve loved reading these interviews! It’s great seeing the dynamics between the hubbys and the bloggers too!

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