International Happiness Day – Happyheart's How to Be Happy Hints

This morning I noticed when I woke up that social media was buzzing with “International Happiness Day”. As the title of my blog suggests, I’m a big fan of happiness. Big fan. I thought I couldn’t let the day end without a little blog post with some of my own Happyheart hints on Happiness.

1. Laugh a lot.
It doesn’t matter if it’s only mildly funny, everything seems funnier when you start laughing, and you feel better.

2. Watch your children play.
I have lately found that I’ve been stressed and had so much to do, but if I paused for a few minutes and just watched my kids play, a smile just forms and somehow the stress gets less and I am able to focus more on the next task at hand.

3. Go on a date with your husband.
We’re doing a Marriage Course that recommends “Marriage Time” each week. (Or call it a date if you prefer.) We dutifully complied and had a lovely lunch together last week. The glow of refreshed love made me happy.

4. Write with a nice pen.
Seriously, the little things in life can bring much pleasure. I’m a fine point nib girl. Those little nibs make my handwriting look lovely, if I do say so myself.

5. Read a book.
OK, so this will make some people happier than others. But stretched on the couch or bed with a good book. Completely my happy place. 

6. Go on holiday.
Not only is there great happiness when you are doing things that are not the ordinary, the anticipation of potential happiness already boosts your happiness quota before you even arrive. And when you get home, oh there’s so many happy moments sharing all the holiday stories… Such fun!

7. Pause and drink Tea – or Coffee, your pick!
I’m just discovering the delights of tea. I’ve never been a hot drinks girl, and I still don’t drink them all that regularly, but if I have a moment and just sit, sip and contemplate. Happy, happy, joy, bliss.

8. Look at old photos.
Memories bring such happy feelings. Smiles just come automatically as you flick through old photo albums, or if you are like me, most photos from the past 10 years are in files on the computer. The happy memories, the past fashions, reflecting on changes. You can’t look at a selection of old photos without smiling.  

Yep. An old photo that made me smile. Jonty’s first Easter. Oh my, he’s so small, but gosh he was a gorgeous toddler!

9. Spend time with extended family.
I suppose this is if you have a nice family. I most certainly do. I always laugh when I’m with them. They really do make me happy.

How can you not smile? Jonty with his big cousin.

10. Nourish your soul.
Say a prayer, meditate on a Bible verse, go to church. A soul that is nourished brings eternal joy, even when times are tough.

Of course, this is only scratching the surface, and this is not a surprising list by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes we need to be reminded of the commonplace happiness. So if you are in need of a smile, do something on the list today! It’s not too hard.

What is another simple activity that brings you happiness?

I’ll always smile and thank God for a Happy Heart.

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