International Blog Swap Day – Crafting with Caroline from Cordelia's Cottage

Because there were more Australian bloggers than UK bloggers, I was privileged to be able to swap with two lovely bloggers. Here is a post written by Caroline at Cordelia’s Cottage.

Hello all, I’m Caroline and I’m taking part in the International Blog Swap Day in relation to the lovely people at Tots100 and Digital Parents over in there in Australia and I have been partnered with the lovely Caitlin here.

I am a parent to two children, one of which is a little older now at 20, yet still lives at home and a very bouncy and lively 10 year old.
I don’t ‘work’ due to mental health problems and I am a carer to my disabled husband, but this doesn’t mean I don’t work as such.

I do spend an awful lot of time creating, if my husband was to describe what I created he would use one word ‘mess’!  I do however craft and sell my wares online or to friends.  At the moment it is all quite new but I have been working hard to fit things in and I enjoy it all too much to not do something I am passionate about.

I would like to share a few photos of my creative space and some of the products I have made.
As you can see my creative space isn’t particularly big, just two sets of drawers pushed together to make a cutting table and my sewing machine sits on an old computer desk! I used to have a shed in the garden that I used, but it really became lonely, I know that during the days people are a school, but in the evening if I wanted to create things then I had to be outside by myself.  So I managed to talk my husband into letting me have my things in the bedroom, bless his cottonly wobbles.
Now I get to spend time with the family even when I am ‘working’.

I am not the most organised of people and when you have a family and doing something like this that isn’t a good idea, and a lot of the time I race against the clock to get things finished, the last three months I have had friends birthdays and I have tried to make them something, doesn’t time seem to run away with you though?  At the beginning of each month I think I have lots of time to finish and by three or four days before the due date I realise not so much!

These are just a few of the items I’ve been making and as I have joined in with another blog I’ve also started quilting, this is done with hexagons, very very time consuming and at the moment has taken a back burner.

I’ve also ventured out into making clothes, I have made a few items for myself, but have recently made 3 shirts for a friends little boy, I’ve never made shirts before and button holes completely scared me, but I’m glad of the internet and YouTube I managed to make them and glad to say my friend is very happy with them.

This is just one of the shirts and the happy little boy really enjoying it.

Every night I crawl into bed and I think to myself how tired I am, thoughts racing through my head of all the things I have to finish the next day, the long list of ‘to-dos’ I now have, this is a step in the direction of getting organised, and I ask myself if feeling tired is worth it, am I giving myself and my family enough time?  Each day though I tell myself I am.  My youngest daughter has asked for my old sewing machine and wants to start to sew, every night we share a story together and when she gets home from school we chat about her day, whether she learnt anything new and which friends she played with.  Each Sunday I sit for a couple of hours and prepare a menu and shopping list for the week, I’m doing Slimming World so no fast food or pre prepared food here, and each night a fully cooked meal.  Yes I’m tired, yes I do rant and rave at others.  But I am happy, happier than I have been in a long while, and I think that shows through my family.  Now I have more to do I am more organised than ever.  And if there is a little dust here and there that doesn’t matter, no body died from dirt.

Time is a precious thing.  More valuable than jewels or money and I’m spending mine wisely.  With Love, Laughter and Creativity.

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