Instant Parenting at Bathtime

Yesterday I shared a story about my sister’s cunning when dealing with her rioting brood. See here I coined the phrase, “Instant parenting”, the parenting where you make a move to deal with your child(ren) in an instant. I was reflecting on my favourite instant parenting moment that happened in our household.

I was making dinner one night and hearing all types of wailing coming from the bathroom where The Accountant was engaged in a battle to get a 3 year old J Boy bathed. “I don’t want to take off my clothes”, “Don’t touch me”, “You can’t make me take my shirt off.” were all the type of phrases I was hearing the child protest, interjected with copious amounts of tears and stomping of feet.

In an intance the wails became howls and were reaching dangerous decibel levels. I went to investigate. The Accountant had complied with J Boy’s refusal to get undressed.

Unceremoniously he had dumped the fully clothed child in the bath.

I love that man.

Despite the fully clothes bathing episode, J Boy still LOVES his Daddy. In fact, I think it is moments like the fully clothed bathing episode that ensures that he will always have a great father/son relationship.

I’m still eager to hear any ‘instant parenting’ stories. Do you have bath time battles also?

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  1. Thanks for these inspiring instant parenting stories! To know that I’m not the only person with ‘spirited’ kids who test parental resolve occasionally is encouraging. I love the accountant’s response, it was perfect!

  2. ha ha ha I love that!

    I battle with my four year old boys some days, so I only make him wash if he has kinder, or some outing the next day…. even then it is still a battle sometimes!

  3. My Mum took a laundry scrubbing brush to my brother to clean his knees and elbows once! Thus ensuring that she only had to say “I’ll help” and he promptly went and did as he was told!

  4. Hello. This is my first time visiting through the Tues Archive Link-Up. So did the howls turn to laughs at some point over being dumped in fully clothed?

    Made me think of an incident when I was his age. I had my bath and was in my PJs and robe. Went back in the bathroom to talk to my Dad and sister since it was her turn in the tub. I sat on the side and Dad told me repeatedly not to sit there. Did I listen? Nope. You guessed it – I ended up having two baths that night – slipped right back in. LOL

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