Increasing in Size – 8 Month Old Triplets

I’m just taking a quick break. I’ve started unpacking clothes.

The triplet’s 00 (3-6mth) clothes are getting tight so they are ready to start moving up into size 0. (6-12mth) At the moment size 0 is all big and baggy on them, but before I know it, these clothes will also be feeling snug and they will be moving into size 1. *Sob* My babies are growing up!

The triplets yesterday. The boys always pull themselves so they are standing in the cot now. I added Missy to join in the fun. This is a good example of the variety of clothing they have. Chook wears a new shirt from Grandma and his a friend’s hand-me-down jeans. Missy wears her cousin’s dress and a new shirt. Joey wears T-Star’s old shirt and cousin’s pants. (L-R)

It’s been a little bit nice having premmie babies that are growing a little bit slower than usual. I love holding onto their babyhood for as long as possible. It’s so brief in time. I watch them learning to crawl and sometimes I want the moment to suspend in time and space. It doesn’t. So just like the mother of Jesus, I try to treasure these feelings and moments in my heart. It makes me sad though, because I don’t know if the Holy Mother did better than me at storing them in my heart, I keep springing a leak and just little things disappear from my mind. Like I keep trying to remember how J Boy used to say “dinosaur” when he was beginning to speak. I know it was completely adorable, and I thought I would remember it forever. But I didn’t, and it is like an arrow piercing my heart every time I wish I had written it down.

(Here’s where I moan that I’ve discovered blogging far too late! I love recording precious memories in this context! Thanks for sharing them with me!)

Back to unpacking clothes. There is so many emotions swirling around as I do this, that I thought I might take a moment to document it. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • I am thankful as I pull of tags of brand new clothes, of the generosity of my friends and family who gave us so many beautiful things at my baby shower last year for the triplets to wear.
  • I remember with fondness the few articles of clothing I picked up for the babies off the sales racks while I was pregnant. My mind was overflowing with what was to come and uncertain of how it was going to work out. Yes it did work out, and it’s wonderful!
  • I smile at the brand new girls clothes as I remember a pregnant me delighting in finally adding pink to my children’s wardrobe!
  • I sigh as I consider the mammoth job of re-organising the triplet’s wardrobe once again. It’s such a big job sorting through so many clothes and then arranging them in a very limited space. Particularly when in the changeover period I often still have two sizes in their wardrobes.
  • I am grateful for the used clothing that friends have passed onto me. I have been given so many clothes for the triplets, and it has been so helpful not having to furnish a full wardrobe for them. As it turns out, triplets are very expensive, so every penny saved helps.
  • I chastise myself for buying a five pack of onsie singlets last week. They were on sale, but I have unpacked so many singlets. It was an unnecessary purchase.
  • I reflect on my two former babies as I unpack their baby clothes. My mind wanders down memory lane as I remember dressing my babies in the clothes I know hold in my hands. I look forward to dressing these babies in such sweet outfits once again.
  • I have a moment of despondency as I realise that after this I will probably be the last time I dress a child in size 0 and that I will be giving away 00 forever. No more boxes of baby clothes stored in the cupboard. Hurrah and Hiccup, (as I hold back a blubber).
  • I contemplate how my nieces and nephews are also growing as I unpack the mountain of clothes that my sister has passed onto me. It’s like Christmas unpacking little surprises and picking favourites from the new stash. I think of when the babies will wear the outfit and how I will make sure that Aunty Katrina see them in it, so she too can have a little trip down memory lane seeing a little baby in clothes that are so familiar.
  • I bemoan the fact that I will need to re-launder the clothes because they have absorbed the musty odour of the shipping container where I stored them.
  • I wonder who I can pass the babies clothes onto and hope that it will be a blessing to them also.
Baby Number Two: T-Star.
Baby Number One: J Boy

How do you feel when you are changing children’s sizes, or are about to recycle/get new clothing of your own? How do you organise new clothing, especially when the kids are wearing two sizes? What do you do with your old clothes?

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  1. I empathise with your moment of despondency. I am going through the early stages of all my “lasts” and along with a few other unreasonable sadnesses and hangups, it makes me wonder if I’ll need a shrink before long! Perhaps when the pregnancy hormones aren’t affecting me so much, I’ll see things a little clearer.

    Or at least after the Day 3 Milk & Hormones Debacle.

    If not then, perhaps after the first two … six weeks … months … okay the first year of sleep deprivation, then I’ll be less weepy over the lasts.

    Or maybe once the baby is in school.

    Who am I kidding. I need a shrink.

  2. Sometimes I am really happy to see some clothes actually make it to the opshop when my daughter still likes to wear some that are a size 3 and she is turning 7 in a few weeks!!!! My youngest son gets hand me downs from his older brother so I store those away in a trunk until the right time and even then he still wears some clothes that are a mix of size 1 and size 2 but they all just get stuffed into the drawer together!

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