Imogen's Chair Obsession

It’s normal for us females to have little obsessions. Shoes are a popular weakness. Handbags are another thing that females can develop an obsession for. Jewellery makes some go weak at the knees. And the thing about these female obsessions, age appears to be no barrier. Little girls go clomping about in Mummy’s high heels wearing their plastic beads and swinging a little handbag.

My girl has developed her first love.

She likes chairs.

This was the first time she discovered she could climb up onto a chair by herself. She then sat their like a queen and watched the boys playing with a regal air.

In the next few days we travelled up to my parent’s beach house for a holiday. Imogen was overjoyed to discover some chairs there. Once again, she was happy to recline and supervise.

From then on, you never knew when you would turn around and discover you were being observed from her seat of prominence.

I know she’s in the same outfit as the first photo, but it is a different day. The wine behind her isn’t hers. Although she did discover it before I remembered I had put it in such a foolhardy spot. I’m happy to report that neither  girl or wine was harmed thanks to super quick Mummy reflexs.

The many faces showing the delight that chair sitting brings.

And a little chair is an excellent perspective upon which to enjoy one’s birthday balloons.
And then one day it seemed that kiddy chairs were no longer sufficient. I walk into the lounge room to discover little Missy calmly sitting on the lounge chair reading a catalogue. Although it appears when you are only just one page turning is tricky.

Next she discovered the tub chair. She was pretty proud of herself.

The boys joined in. They all thought it was a fun chair to hang out in.

(Until Missy crash tackled one to the ground rather than share it. No really it’s true!)

But back in the early days, the boys would have done well to heed this warning face. Basically it means, “You toucha ma chair, I breaka your face.”

Because the other day Toby was discovered sitting on HER chair. Immediate action was initiated.

And before you knew it, she showed him who is boss of all chairs within this house! You sit on my chair, I sit on you.

What are you obsessed with? (Or do you have a child with a strange obsession?)

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  1. I had this little girl who loved dolls, she was always dragging a doll around and we would walk into a room to find baskets, boxes, cots filled with dolls. All until we were ready to bring the next baby home from hospital and I gave her a brand new baby doll so she had her own baby to cherish. She threw it and grabbed the rolling crib with the new sister in it and started to march for the door. Do obsessions become reality?

  2. Ha ha, love that last comment! My kids also had plenty of obsessions (ah yes, like the toilet plunger), but I’ll never forget hearing about a little boy who loved a potato. Every week or so his mum had to swap ‘his’ potato as he slept with a similar looking one, so that it wouldn’t go rotten.

    1. Toilet plunger. That would be kinda fun. The babies love the toilet brush at the moment. Sends shivers up my spine every time. I am glad however, that I do not have a potato obsessed child. Although it’s a great tale to tell!

  3. Imogen is just the best wee girl!! I do love her current hairdo too!! My youngest has had many obsessions and one in particular when he was much younger was the toothbrush and toothpaste! I would find him many times of the day sitting on top of the bathroom vanity, sitting there sucking on his toothbrush with plenty of toothpaste applied! Now I find it very hard to brush his teeth…he’s moved on to brighter pastures!!

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