How to Read a Bedtime Story When Mummy has a Cold – 3 Excellent Sing-A-Long Books.

Over the past week I have been feeling horribly ill. I started with tonsillitis and a huge infection in my thumb. I got antibiotics for that, but probably because my immune system was so compromised by the end of the week I picked up one of the dastardly flu viruses that is going around. I’ve been very miserable.

I had our In Home Carer around one day, fortunately on my worst day so I spent four hours sleeping. Grandma came and helped out another day. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who really helps out when this sort of thing happens, so often when he has arrived home, I’ve crawled back into bed and let him feed the kids, read stories and put them to bed.

Except on that day I was at my worst. Alex was out that evening. Thank goodness I had slept earlier. Dinner had been made, so we got through that. Teeth were brushed. And then the kids all lined up with books. I had no voice, yet I knew that refusing a story would be a break in routine which would result in a bedtime strike. Since there are no toddler unions to negotiate with, generally all propositions and countered by a mass toddler drop to the floor followed by flailing limbs, voracious crying, not matter how reasonably the proposition has been presented and also has the unfortunate knock on effect of making said toddlers even less likely to sleep.

In a stroke of brilliance I remembered that Scholastic had gifted me some excellent story/song books that also had audio recordings on CD’s. The toddlers (and small humans) were appeased! All I had to do was hold the book up and turn the pages. Going the extra mile, I sometimes pointed dramatically to the words, pulled funny faces and moved to the music. (Just enough to ensure my aching head didn’t topple off my shoulders.)

In the end it was a perfectly lovely story time, and the kids trotted happily off to bed once we were finished. I think I am going to leave a few stories aside so they aren’t as familiar to the kids should an occasion like this arise again.

In case you would like to have your own stash of audible books that will be your larynx saviour if you ever fall victim to a cold or flu, here’s some of my recommendations.

The Hokey Pokey

Kids Book - Hokey Pokey

This was a good one to start with, and my kids didn’t get too hyped because they didn’t feel like dancing anyway, but I think if they weren’t tired the playful illustrations would encourage them to join in with the actions. (Generally my boys are the non-dancing breed of Aussie male.) It’s the classic song with an Aussie twist as various Aussie animals do the Hokey Pokey. Sung by the ever captivating Colin Buchanan, (We are huge Colin fans in this household.), it is fun, toe tapping and makes you want to put your whole self in, because that’s what it’s all about.

I will not be putting this one aside, I can see us using it quite a bit, and it will be useful for playgroup as well. Kindy and early years school teachers, you will also get a lot of use out of it. Plus there is a instrumental recording at the end, so you can even use it as an item if you need to!

Juicy, Juicy Green Grass.

Music and story book

The triplets have been loving this CD and often have it in the background on repeat as they are doing craft. Sung by Peter Combe, the original ‘King of Kids’ in Australian children’s music for over 20 years. (You know the song, “Wash Your Face in Orange Juice”? That’s his. he even has 3 Arias, 7 Gold and 2 Platinum Albums. I’m now wondering why I didn’t have anything of his in the house before now!)

There are four catchy tunes on the CD, Juicy Juicy Green Grass, (you’ll keep singing it all day), The Silly Postman, Tadpole Blues and Red Says Stop. Danielle Mc Donald’s quirky illustrations really bring the songs to life.

My Daddy Ate An Apple

My Daddy Ate An Apple Music and storybook

If you have boys, they will love this book. Quite simply because it has a gross ending. Daddy zebra ate an apple with a worm inside. The illustrations by Scott Tulloch are hilarious as we listen to the song describe Daddy feeling more and more worse for the wear and much is tried to make him better. In a spectacular explosion in full graphic detail Daddy pooped the fat worm out. You guessed it. The kids love that page!

Trent took the book to Kindy once and the teacher had to have a full discussion about bodily functions afterwards. I maybe should have thought that one through a bit more before I sent it in!

Sing-a-long story books for children
You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

The words and music are by Craig Smith of “Wonky Donkey” fame. (Another book you should consider getting.)

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