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Important note for my foreign readersA thong is what Australians wear on our feet, as opposed to something others wear in more personal regions. Some refer to them as flip flops or jandels, I don’t know what else you may call them, but they looks like this:
On to the story.
The first time I heard about Havaianas was when my sister-in-law excitedly showed me a pair she had received as a birthday present. I truly didn’t know why she was so excited over a pair of thongs. Then I saw the price? Huh? You pay that much for a piece of rubber with straps? Why not buy them from Kmart for a fraction of the cost?
A couple of years later, I saw some Havaianas that looked a bit more unusual and attractive than an average thong and I succumbed and spent the money. Never.looked.back. I had no idea it was possible to wear thongs which supported your foot. They felt comfortable and looked good. Totally worth the price, and let’s face it, compared to most footwear, they are very affordable.
Recently my sons were gifted some kids Havainas. They LOVE them. Predominantly because they have cool pictures on them – Batman and Transformers. But I love them too because I know that their growing feet will be supported and there’s less chance of their growing and developing foot rolling and not being supported by lesser quality soles.
And guess what? Havaina has gift bundles out with really cute children’s thongs, just in time for Christmas. If you love your Havaina’s (or if you want to try them out), this is an excellent Summer Christmas option.
Here are some examples
There’s Tranformer bundles:
Bundle Kids Transformers
Optimus Prime
Bundle Kids Transformers
My Little Pony
Bundle Kids

Each gift box contains one pair of Havaianas plus one from a selection of matching collectible toys.
Transformers bundles include either Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, Blackout or Powerglide toys.
My Little Pony bundles include one of two ponies in Sweetie Belle’s Ice Cream Train Car.
Havaianas x Optimus Prime Bundle
Available exclusively from: www.havaianasaustralia.com.au
Havaianas x My Little Pony Bundle
Available exclusively from: www.havaianasaustralia.com.au

What footwear do you and your family like to wear during the Summer months?

(I wasn’t sponsered to do this post, but my J Bo

y and T-Star were given a pair of Havainas. Anything I have written is my actual opinion.)

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  1. We like to wear jandals in the summer (not thongs!) 😉 I’ve heard alot about the greatness of these Havaianas…..must buy a pair! Will check out this super deal for the boys. I think Miss L might be a bit old for My Little Pony 🙂

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