Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

I love starting a New Year. So full of hope and expectations of what the year will bring. We spent New Years Eve with friends. We had dinner at the local tavern with 2 other couples and 5 kids. Then one couple and their kids headed home with us. We put the five kids to bed and the grown ups drank cocktails until the New Year began.

1.1.11 started with a lovely big cooked breakfast and then at midday took the kids to the local pool for a swim. Then we blobbed around the house for the rest of the day. Nice start to the year.

I’ve just finished filling in my calendar for the year. I love getting new calendars!  It’s always nice to see it all blank and empty and wonder what will be filling in those days throughout the year. We normally get a travel calendar. The Accountant and I are travel bugs, so it’s always nice to see pictures throughout the year of places we have been that brings back good memories or salivate over places we would like to visit in the future. 2010 was a Lonely Planet Calendar. 2011 is a Europe calendar and has lots of photos of places we have visited, so there’ll be a few trips down memory lane (eg. Paris, Prague, Budapest…) as well as some wishful thinking for some new place (such a Berlin)

If anyone is needing calendar tips, I’ve developed a good system over the years! Colour coding is the name of the game! All birthdays/wedding anniversaries are written in red. That way it’s easy to see when they are coming up and take appropriate action! Our family has several birthdays on the first day of the month. I’ve found that it’s necessary to write a note somewhere down the bottom of the month prior to their birthday. eg. Remember Dad Bdy June 1. Otherwise you turn the calendar 3 days into the month and realise you should have sent something in the mail for 2 weeks prior!

The J Bomb starts kindy this year and will be going Thurs, Fri. and alternate Wednesdays. I know the alternate Wed. has potential to confuse me so I have gone through the whole year and coloured in the Kindy days with a yellow highlighter.

This now leaves all the squares (you got to have squares!) ready to scribble in the events and times as they come up! I always love looking at the month before I turn the page. It always makes me feel good when there is most of the squares filled in!

Anyone else have good calendar strategies they would like to share?

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  1. Don’t change from squares on you Senior Grandparents calendar –

    Yesterday we pulled out Great Grandad’s calendar kindly given to him by RSL Care – shock / horror it had lines not squares.

    My immediate reaction was good He will be able to read what is too happen more easily quickly followed by a disclaimer “He won’t like the change”

    Your fathers immediate reaction “Of course it won’t matter, Great Grandad won’t even notice”

    Great Grandads immediate reaction “You have to turn those pages over till you get to the calendar”

    Needless to say – We are looking for a new calendar!

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