Happy Heart Book Review: The Book Thief

The Book Thief

I recently read “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak with my book club. Brilliant book, highly reccomend it. 5 star rating from me.

It is set in Nazi Germany. Immediate interest for me, I love reading WW2 books. One of the things I love about this novel is that it approaches this topic and era in a completely different angle from anything I have read before.

For starters, the Narrator of the story is Death. This instantly is a pertinent perspective from someone/something that is avid during war. Death, and rightly so, find humans perplexing. To illustrate this point, he tells the harrowing and compelling story of  a young girl left to live in a foster home in one of the poorest areas of Munich. He story includes her antics with the boy who lives on her street, a relationship with a gruff but loving foster mother and a devoted foster father who is an accordionist and Jew sympathiser. These sympathies allow another central character to enter, a Jewish fist fighter, hidden by the family.

Throughout the novel, Liesel, the book thief, learns to read and develops a devotion to books that drives her to steal reading material.

Her love of the written word illustrates the power of words to shape or change lives and history.

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