Great Grandad Meets the Triplets

 Dear Triplets,

You are 8 weeks old and have now met your Great Grandad, the father of your mother’s father. He desperately wanted to see you sooner, however he recently broke his hip and has been hospitalised and recovering. It devastated him not to see you as soon as possible, for your great grandfather loves babies. He has ever since your grandfather and his siblings were born. Back in those days, when men left looking after babies to the women, your great grandfather ignored the traditions of the day and played an active part in raising his babies and children. Starting with carrying the babies into your Great Grandmother throughout the night so that she didn’t have to get out of bed to feed the babies. He wanted to make it as easy as possible for her because he once told me, “She worked so hard throughout the day, the least I could do was make her life easier when I got home.”

It was a beautiful moment when he first met three babies, his great grandchildren, at once. He was thrilled.

The first baby to meet him was Missy. Great Grandad said nothing when I held you towards him to say hello. He just leaned in and touched his forehead to your forehead. In a few short seconds he was smitten with you. He continued to adore you as he held you.

Then he met you, Chook.

Great Grandad thought you were wonderful.

And Great Grandad’s heart melted just a little more when he saw you, Joey.

We had some family photos.

And then your big brother amazed Grandad by showing him his favourite computer game. Back when Grandad was a boy, he played very different games.

We will tell you all about those ‘olden days’ one day when you triplets are old enough to understand. But for now, you have enjoyed cuddles with your great grandfather who already loves you very much. Never underestimate how great the power of having generations of love being poured into your life.
And never forget that you are loved because you are you. You are three individuals born into a loving family.


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  1. What a beautiful story! I have a picture of my oldest with my grandad Marvin when she was a tiny baby. It is put in a picture frame on my tree. Every year she stares at it for a long time, and I know she is trying to find a connection to him and wondering about the man he was.

    About the cat: She wasn’t due until nearly January, so I’m pretty sure she isn’t hiding with litter of kittens somewhere…But I wish she were!

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