Gifts for Newborns – Plus Giveaway!

A friend of mine had a baby the other day. The baby was rather early and weighed a petite 5lb1oz but is an absolutely gorgeous and healthy little man. Seeing pictures of him on Facebook made my mind wander back to my own newborns, particularly when the triplets were born since of course they were my smallest babies. (Read about the triplet’s birth story)

Having a newborn in your life is such a special time of life. The long lingering moments you spend just staring at the new life lying before you. The awe as you contemplate that a tiny human was once nestled within someone’s (or your own!) tummy. The snuggles as that precious bundle falls asleep on your chest. The wonder of siblings as they meet a person who will forever change their life.

Newborn Trent

It’s also a tiring time for the family as late night feedings begin and the weariness of finding a rhythm with the newest addition to the family. And if there are cholic and reflux in the equation or other such newborn maladies, well life is all the more complex.

I love getting gifts for newborns. The mixture of a gift celebrating a new life beginning and comfort because life isn’t easy makes giving at this time delightful.

Gifts I have given newborns include:

  • A special money box with a name engraved on it.
  • Fine china child’s plate
  • Melamine Peter Rabbit gift set
  • Board books. (This is a good one for new parents who often do not have a library for the child yet.)
  • Clothing, but I’m always careful to do the math and make sure the size will be for the appropriate season.
  • Clothes in larger sizes (eg. size 1. Not only does it not matter what season it is if it’s size 1, sometimes I buy the gift and then it takes me forever to give it away to the recipient, in which case, I know it’s still going to fit by the time I finally do!)
Recently I was introduced to Angelic Baby Boutique a beautiful online baby boutique that has a stunning selection of gifts to give at baby showers, newborn babies and even first birthdays. The gifts include thoughtful and classy hampers and unique keepsakes.
As a special treat for Caitlin’s Happy Heart readers, Angelic Baby Boutique is giving away a hamper to the value of $60 with product specially selected by Sylvia. You will have the choice of whether it will be made for a boy or girl.  
This would be just perfect if you know someone who is about to have, or has a new little bundle of joy in their lives. Or perhaps it is your own newborn child that you would love to spoil.
To enter, head over to Angelic Baby Boutique and tell me which baby gift you think is particularly special. I’d also love to hear why you think newborns are so special. It’s not mandatory, but I would love it if you would also follow Caitlin’s Happy Heart on Facebook.
1. Competition only open to Australian residents.
2. Competition is a game of skill and will entries will close on Friday September 12, 2014 at 8pm.
3. Prize will be mailed to either yourself or a recipient of your choice. Winners will be contacted by email. If there is no response by Monday 12am, a new winner will be selected.
4. An email address must be included with your entry.

PS. It seems that some people have difficulties leaving comments on my blog. Feel free to head to my Facebook page and leave a comment there…

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  1. I just love the little cutlery sets. With a special name engraved on them, they become one of those keepsakes that you put away to pull out again one day when the first grandchild is welcomed – as a special connection to their parent. I miss having a little newborn in my home so much, everytime I come across a tiny bub with little fingers and squinty eyes I swear my womb contracts and I start thinking again that it’s just about time for number 4.

  2. I love the newborn baby boy Wild Wild West set. That is is awesome, something a little bit different, but still appropriate and very very cute!
    I love the beautiful, pure, fill you with joy smiles that babies give you, especially first thing in the morning. It makes those sleepless nights worthwhile!

    I like you on facebook

  3. Without a doubt the baby brush and comb,
    I’d love to have it in my home.
    A gorgeous keepsake for any little girl,
    To help maintain that sweet golden curl.
    From Mother to daughter it would get passed,
    A talking point of times surpassed.
    Babies are precious – a fresh new slate,
    It’s quite amazing what we can create!

  4. The baby book it is for me
    Precious memories of baby number 3
    Their smell, their cry and smiles I adore
    Leaves me wanting so much more!

  5. I love the Angel Sparkles set. It’s nice to have your baby in something sweet. I get so tired of reading shirts which have a negative message attached to them. Our babies are precious and special and although they can be hard work, they bring so much joy with little effort.

  6. The brush and comb set. To be kept for a long time. A precious momento. All newborns are very special. A new life, bringing a family together. Lots of laughs, smiles, giggles and tiny little bits, I cant get enough 🙂

  7. I would love the ‘Little Miss’ Baby Girl Gift Boxes, it’s like out of a fairy tale. Very pretty 🙂 New life is wonderful, it’s what makes life worth living.

  8. I just adore the silver “My First Teddy
    Tooth and Curl” keepsake. It’s such an original memento. I’m not one to keep
    baby books updated but that’s such an elegant way to store those “firsts”.

    Newborns are so special because of how
    terrifyingly helpless they are. It just automatically brings out the mama in
    me. I didn’t fall in love with my son straight away – it took a few days before
    I relaxed, learned to enjoy him and not freak out over the responsibility – but
    when I did, this fiercely protective part of me just awoke and made me a much
    better person. I’m more empathetic, more nurturing, more patient and I’d do
    anything for him.

  9. I love the ‘Little Miss’ baby girl box! Someone special for a little princess that isn’t the traditional pink 🙂

  10. I love the ‘Little Miss’ baby girl box! Something special for a little princess that isn’t the traditional pink 🙂 And as for newborns, they are so special simply because they are the start of a whole new person’s life, contained in a tiny, snuggly little baby body.

  11. I love all the baby girl boxes. Such a special gift idea for newborns! I love the cuddle bunny gift box and I’m sure Phoebe would love to snuggle with that bunny! Newborns are special because they teach you there is more to life than living for yourself and the moment your newborn is laid on your chest, you realise you’ve taken part in a miracle and are so blessed.

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