Garden Party Attire for the Whole Family

Garden Party Attire for the Whole Family

Your whole family has been invited to a garden party. But how do you dress everyone in garden party attire for the whole family?

Well, let me give you some hints. The Accountant is hosting a garden party in my honour for upcoming 40th birthday and I am planning the family wardrobe at the moment.

Garden Party Attire is a dress code that indicates a more relaxed event, but you do need to ascertain what the standard will be somewhat based on the venue. A wedding in some formal gardens would indicate a more dressy event reminiscent of cocktail wear. Or you have know that it is going to be very informal and casual, in which case good casual would be appropriate. Generally though Garden Party Attire should be comfortable and appropriate for the outdoors while being classy and maintaining a little sophistication. Because of the outdoor location garden party attire also lends itself to be practical, hats and sunglasses and comfortable shoes that don’t sink into the grass are often appropriate. The colour palate often utilise lighter colours such as whites, creams and pastels.

Women’s Garden Party Attire

I love, love, love this dress! In fact, it would have been my ‘birthday dress’ if it didn’t sell out in my size when I went to order it. (I delayed because I wanted to look locally first.) If you are in the market for a gorgeous floral dress, you’re in luck, they’ve got in more stock, but be quick, Leina Broughton is very boutique with limited stock. (I’m looking for an excuse to buy some of her clothing now I’ve discovered the label!) I just love the floral print and the 50’s cut. I think a garden party is a wonderful excuse to wear a fascinator or a hat. It’s optional to wear headgear at most garden parties, but in my opinon there’s not nearly enough excuses to wear adornments on your head these days. If your fascinator offers more style than shade, don’t forget to include SPF in your make up routine. The great thing about wearing florals is you normally have plenty of colours to choose accessories. I’ve decided to go peach fascinator and bag with this dress and sapphire jewellery to pick out the beautiful blue and then keep the fabulous shoes neutral. Shoes at a garden party should be flat or have wedges to avoid heels sinking into the grass.

Mrs. Fun and Floral
Leina Broughton “Tilly” dress – $279; Gregory Ladner Fascinator $70, Mini Saffiano Handbag $255 – David Jones; Earrings $39, Sapphire Pendant $79.90, Ring $49 – Prouds; Diana Ferrari Wedges $129.95 – Myer.

Men’s Garden Party Attire

So, I have started to imagine away here and construct an outfit that The Accountant would look totally sexy in if he were to ignore the price tags. (If he saw the price tags his grumpy face would totally wipe away all signs of sexy.) I know my Accountant is very practical when it comes to skin care so he will be cranking out his trusty Sportscraft trilby and sunnies for the occasion, but this Kenji little number is a nice little piece. If I had the spare cash, I would splurge on a new pair of Ray Bans for my man. Chinos are a great option for a garden party. Relaxed and comfortable yet still have a light colour to suit the outdoors.Tan accessories are a great option for the lighter colours. I also love the look of a crisp white trouser with a navy blazer for a garden party menswear. To be truthful, I’m not sure if The Accountant will even bother with a jacket. He gets hot very easily, so the reality is he won’t be wearing it the majority of the time, so it’s not very practical buying a new one for the occasion right now. (Unless he finds a terrific sale. Fingers crossed!) If the event isn’t highly formal, I think this is perfectly acceptable. In fact, some garden parties you could even get away with short sleeved shirts. Men’s accessories that you might like to consider are bow ties, neck ties, vests, braces and of course the dapper pocket handkerchief.

Mr. Classy and Relaxed
Kenji Hat – $14.95 (on sale); Ray Bans $215.96 (on sale); Pierre Cardin jacket – $299 and shirt $55.96 (on sale); Daniel Wellington watch – $209.25; Diesel belt – $59; Hush Puppy slip ons – $150. All can be purchased at Myer.


Boys Garden Party Attire
With four boys myself I have plenty of experience dressing little men. Outdoors in the Australian sun a hat is a must. Trilbys are always stylish, which often boys don’t care about. But I would bet this one will stay on little male heads because, well sharks. Totally cool. I also would keep boys in short sleeves. Let’s face it, they will be running around and you don’t want them to overheat in long sleeves. A nice chino pant would look nice, but for summer weather I would probably dress boys in a nice pair of tailored shorts. My party is two days before summer, I think my boys will be howling if they need to wear pants, so I’ll be on the lock out for some nice shorts I think, and even then I will probably have to justify why they shouldn’t be allowed to wear boardies.
Little Master of Fun
Boys trilby ($15), aztec shirt($18) and stretch chinos($20) from Target. Shoes ($30) Mathers.


Girls Garden Party Attire
Little girls frolicking around a flower filled garden in a pretty dress is rather idyllic, don’t you think? ┬áThis little tule dress is gorgeous, I know my little girl would adore it, although you would have to be careful with tulle if she was playing outside for too long because it tears easily. Cotton dresses would also be a cool and practical choice. A garden party is perfect opportunity for your little darling to not only find a beautiful little floral dress but also to use some cute little accessories that girls often like to tote like sunglasses and handbags. It’s also a lovely opportunity for your girl to wear a wreath of flowers in her hair, although I would still pack a hat and swap it before there was too much sun on her sweet little countenance.
Miss Pretty as a Poppy - Little Girl's Garden Party outfit
Dress – Myer ($50); Floral Woodland Crown – Etsy ($80); Handbag – Seed Heritage ($40); Hat ($15), Sunglasses ($17) and Necklace ($10 on sale) – Pumpkin Patch; Ballet Flats ($12) – Target.

Garden Party Attire for Baby

Of course you could bring a baby to any event dressed in nothing but a bonds gro-suit and bubba would look completely adorable! However, if you are bringing a baby along to a garden party and what an excuse to buy some adorable clothes – happy days! There are plenty of pretty floral dresses that would be ideal for a baby girl. Baby boys can wear shirt and shorts or a cute romper or dungaree. Don’t forget the hat to shade babies fair skin!

Garden Babies
Girls Smock Dress and Rompers $49.99, Boys Cap $10 – Pumpkin Patch; Girls Hat $10, Boys Shirt & Vest $25, Shorts $15 – Target.

When taking the family to a garden party always dress take the venue and the weather into account and then dress accordingly. Be guided by florals and lighter coloured clothing. Once you get there, don’t forget to take a family snapshot at the beginning of the event of everyone looking ship shape and stylish! (Before the kids start running around playing games and getting flushed and rumpled!) Have fun!!!

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    1. Yep. That happens. I decided when my eldest was little that I wasn’t going to stop buying them nice clothes because they get dirty. Nice clothes are nice to feel special in, but I try not to get too upset if they get dirty. (Although holes in the knees of good pants the second time they are worn, has tried my patience before!)

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