Fluffy Milk

One of the delights of having a happy childhood is all the happy memories that you can recall when you sit together with siblings and cousins, even parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Since I’m a parent now, I’m always wondering what happy memories are being created that are going to endure until adulthood in the memories of my children, neices or nephews. Sometimes you see them occur right before your eyes. The estatic reactions of children, enraptured in the moment. Time seems to pause and nothing else exists except sheer delight and living in the moment.

On our recent trip west to one of my parent’s outback properties, (I said way back here that I would talk more about this trip), I witnessed one of those moments as my children and some of their cousins interacted with my Dad. I know that at least some of the children will remember this moment, and they in turn will remind the others. The camera was handy, so I started snapping.

Because the farm is located at least an hour and a half away from any store, you always need to make sure you bring adequate supplies with you. On this particular instance, we stocked up on milk, only to discover the fridge was already well stocked of milk. This led to milk being generously offered, which led to a Grandad invention. “Fluffy Milk”.

Fluffy Milk is milo poured straight into a half filled milk bottle and then Grandad shakes the bottle vigorously.

When he shakes it. It is absolutely hilarious.

Even if you are as small as Toddler T, you understand that fluffy milk is uproarious.

And of course it is delicious.

It’s so yummy, you want to drink it again, straight away! And Grandad even lets you be a part of the shaking process in round 2!

And it’s still just as fun the 2nd time.

(Even if you are fussy like Toddler T and will only consume milk if it is in a bowl.)
Happy Memories.
Cousin Pocket Rocket declared it to be “The Best Day of Her Life.” when further questioned, she even ranked it above Christmas. High praise indeed.

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