First Days/Weeks with Triplets – Living in the Moment

Let me begin this post by saying I’m sorry that there has been a drought on blog posts. I’m not saying sorry because I feel the need to apologize for choosing to place a lower priority on blogging during the triplets first days. But rather, I’m genuinely sorry that I haven’t been able to write. I love writing and blogging and would dearly enjoy writing all the details of what has been happening. Plus it’s always fun sharing with you all what is happening. I hope any regular reader’s stay tuned for when (hopefully) the posts become regular once again.

Having said that, because I’ve missed writing in this blog so much, I’ve chosen to sit down for a little moment to write. To do so, I’m ignoring the fact that it is mid-morning I am still in my sour milk encrusted PJ’s, with bedraggled bed hair and bags under my eyes.

Sure, having triplets has been busy. But of course I expected that. If I didn’t expect it, I wasn’t listening to just about any person who has talked to me during the past nine months who has informed me that I would be busy! To keep with the theme of ‘Caitlin’s Happy Heart’, let me admit, that indeed my heart overflows with happiness as I adjust to living with three extra kidlets.

The secret to my current state of happiness is choosing to live life in the moment, conquering the more difficult aspects of parenting 5 children and savouring each of the many sweet moments and milestones as they occur.

There certainly is much to be daunted about mothering triplets. Instead, I take each experience as it comes, stay positive and enjoy that very instant and celebrate all the joy it contains.

So, in lieu of a full update, let me briefly share with you some of the moments that has made my heart soar above the plains of my life sing the joyful melody of a contentment and fulfillment.

1. The groggy moment I was briefly introduced to my babies in the operating theatre.

2. Holding each tiny hand as they lay in their isolettes and then holding each child for the first time.
    Having a heart overflowing with pride and happieness the first time I held all babies at one time.

3. Seeing the triplet’s two big brother’s absolutely in love with their new siblings. Gently stroking their  
    little bodies and plastering them with kisses.

4. Watching the faces of my loved ones – friends and family, as they lovingly interact with my babies.

5. Celebrating each achievement as the triplets progressed through the special care nursery until they
    were ready to come home.

6. Packing our new little babies into our (now very full) car to take them home with excitement but

7. Waking up the morning after the triplet’s first night at home, knowing that we all survived, and it
     wasn’t even as bad as we may have expected!

8.  The inexplicable sense of pride we have each time the babies are weighed and prove yet again that
     they are beating all odds and growing at a rapid pace.

9.  Bringing our babies to church and celebrating God’s goodness with our church family. (Who have
     proven to contain many members of our triplet’s adoring entourage.)

10. Witnessing my darling husband interact with our five children and having his never ending support,
      assistance and devotion to our family.

I always remember my Dad often quoting a preacher as we grew up. “Life is attitude. Attitude determines your altitude.” It is a lesson I am grateful that I learned and have been able to apply in my life. For the many high points in these last three weeks, there has also been plenty of low moments  and struggles. I choose to focus on the positive side of each experience and to not dwell on the more difficult moment, handing it over instead to my Father God. I am finding that if I accept God’s help, I will get through the hard times. This leaves me with extra time to enjoy life and soar during it’s glorious moments, filling my memory bank with multitudes of beautiful remembrances.

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  1. You beautiful mama – what a privilege it is to ‘watch’ you embrace this experience. You are a wonderful example to us all. Love and prayers …. can’t wait for a visit. x

  2. I was so overwhelmed to see these little people in your nursery last week that I could hardly think what to say! I probably just stood there grinning like a nut.

    You guys are doing such a great job!

  3. How wonderful for *all* of you! God is so good.
    There will be plenty of time for blogging about it all, but the moments you spend with them in your arms are as fleeting as the wind. Enjoy your babes!


  4. I was so excited to read this post when you posted it and today has been the first day I have had a chance to comment. Your little ones are just beautiful and so are you! The picture of you and the babies is simply amazing, what an immense blessing to have the opportunity to hold three little ones in your arms!

    I am sure you are busy and overwhelmed at times, but you are right there are so many little blessing that you have to treasure. I have a huge respect for moms of triplets, you make mothering twins look like a piece of cake! I know when the boys were born I had to truly treasure every victory and every milestone stopping to really take in the joy. I think that is what helped me to not be caught up in being overwhelmed. It seems like these three little ones have brought so much joy and love to your home!

    I cannot wait to see more pictures of those babies! My prayers are with you and your family! I think God only picks the extra special Moms to be Mothers to triplets! I wish I lived close and I could bring you a meal, do your laundry, or take your older boys out to the park. Instead I will be praying from afar! Congratulations again! They are simply beautiful!

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