Family Photos with 7 Month Triplets

I recently shared some family pictures back when the triplets were newborns. (See here) We’ve had some more photos taken more recently by Zara-Jane Photography. Here we all are in the triplet’s 7th month.

I love the way J Boy is looking at us here. I think it give a kid a certain sense of security to see obvious examples that his (or her) parents are still in love.

The other day a lady paid us the nicest compliments anyone has told me since the triplets were born. She said she was watching us during church one day. I was doing my usual walk in/walk out to the mother’s room routine. I would get back, sit down, grab nappy bag, get a spew cloth, and wipe up spew, then another one would poo, and off I’d go. Come back, fish around for sultana’s for T-Star. Another baby would insist it was starving, off I’d go again. etc, etc. Church is not about what we get out of it at the moment, it’s about establishing a routine for our family. We want our children to always know that we prioritise a weekly time where we go and worship as a family with our church family.

Anyway, this lady, who has known me since I was a girl, was watching our shenanigans and feeling exhausted by the performance. “I was wondering how on earth you cope,” she told me, “You must be tired as well, and you just never stop. And then I just saw you and Alex look at each other, it was like time paused, even though you were both still doing things. All of a sudden I knew, you were all right. Your marriage was getting stronger throughout everything. The way you looked at each other was the type of look you see a husband and wife looking at one another on their wedding day.”

Isn’t that sweet? And it’s true. My goodness I love this man. I have married a good man. A Godly man. And he is an excellent father.

(It’s also an excellent example that you never know when people are watching you and that your actions tell the world a story about your life.)

This is Alex’s Mum with our family. She’s been such a great support since the triplet’s have been born. Providing meals, staying overnight to help, buying goodies for the babies, and helping out on Saturday afternoons so Alex has time to do special things like bike rides or yard work with the big boys. (Although occassionally I utilise the opportunity to flee the house myself!) I know the big boys enjoy seeing her regularly as well.

I am so proud of my family. God is good. He has given me far beyond what I ever could have dreamed or imagined.
As you can see, I’m a bit of a fan of photography. I love to freeze in time some moments. Do you get family photos taken regularly or are they rare occassions? Have you ever been paid a compliment that makes your heart warm inside?

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  1. First, I want to thank you for stopping over at my blog with Kelly’s SUYL today! It is a pleasure to “meet” you!

    Your blog is lovely and your children are absolutely beautiful!

  2. This is awesome! I haven’t been to church since Easter. Just can’t seem to figure it out and the babies would miss two naps. But it’s encouraging to see you doing it – motivation is a good thing! :o)

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