Face Painting – Holiday Fun

Holiday Face Painting

Face painting is always a popular activity for children. To be truthful, I’ve been scared at the thought of how to face paint. Today is the last official day of the Queensland school holidays and the kids discovered a packet of face paint crayons they were given as a gift awhile back. I took a deep breath, did a Pinterest search, “Easy face painting ideas for kids” and started. Much easier than I thought! Truly! I’m not a highly artistic person, but I can copy simple shapes, so using the internet images as a guide, I whacked the crayons on, and hey presto, five happy kids!

Plus, it has inspired their play to such an extent that I’ve been able to sneak away and write a quick blog post about it! Fresh off the press!

Trent started the ball rolling, requesting to be Batman.

Face Painting Batman

Next, Toby wanted to be a blue bat dog. This is my interpretation of a bat dog. Which is basically a dog with blue spots. My crayon wasn’t quite fine enough for the fine lines. Did he mind? Not at all.

Face Painting Blue Dog

Immy want to be a crab. She was quite enraptured by the crabs at during our holiday at the beach during Easter recently. So why not paint one on your forehead? I ask you.

Face painting crab

Jayden wanted to be a spider. Once again, a finer tip would have been good here, but not one word of complaint.

Face painting spider and web

Jonty wanted to be Captain America. It made me stop and think, but turns out it wasn’t hard at all either!

Face Painting Captain America

And here is the crime fighting, barking, arachnid scuttling fivesome!

Face Painting kids holiday activity

This little activity today has just made me think how sometimes I don’t do things with my children because in my head they need to be perfect. But truly, it doesn’t take much to make a child happy. And to be truthful, it’s far more healthy for a child to accept and love activities and things that are simple and rejoice in the moment rather than breed them to become fixated perfectionist standards also.

Just keeping it real, before I could finish writing this, I went to check on the triplets who were still in the sandpit, however one was drenched in water, another was naked, (and consequently got bitten by a green ant on his bum), another had sand through his hair. I bathed all three. Batman than decided he preferred being Captain America #2, so a face was re-painted.

The highlight of the morning for the kids was Grandma and Grandad coming to visit. Grandma had a sun painted on her cheek by Trent, Jonty painted a tractor on Grandad’s cheek, and Jayden and Trent also scribbled on Grandad’s face. The children are blessed to have grandparents who are totally good sports!

Facepainting Grandad

Have you painted faces before? What have you drawn? Any face painting tips? (I need plenty!)

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  1. I must add Grandad didn’t say ‘yes’ until Grandma had the sun in place and he could see it didn’t hurt! Hey Kids!

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