Emerging from Blogging Hibernation?

I’ve just been googling videos to try and find out what animals look like when they emerge after hibernating. I thought perhaps this might be a good analogy of me writing this blog post? Here I am, popping my head up out of the hole like this arctic ground squirrel, looking all around and surveying the territory. To tell you the truth I thought when one awakes from hibernation you might be a bit bleary eyed and groggy, but that little guy gets straight to work, so perhaps it’s not a good analogy. I might take a little bit longer to find my groove.

I got bored of watching animal videos to find out if  my emerging from a blogging hibernation is a good analogy so let’s just pretend there’s a loose correlation.

The truth is that if I have been in blogging hibernation, I still dream of blogging. I still miss it. I can remember when I did blog more regularly people would ask how I found time to do it. Now I ask myself that same question and wonder how I can incorporate it into my life again. I certainly have not been sleeping while my blog has hibernated, I have been doing life in a very busy and noisy fashion. (My children are not quiet!)

I’ve realised I like an audience, but I’m not writing for an audience. I write for myself and with the hope that perhaps it may be of interest to my children at some point in time, and in the meantime if others get something out of my writing, I’m delighted. But right now, I’m not thinking stats or strategies. I’m doing old school blogging, something resembling an online diary or just a platform to share about something I’d like to share about. I’m not trying to target a niche and things might be clunky and inconsistent.

To whoever is reading and not spam, “Hello”! I’m stumbling out of my blogging void, blinking furiously and hoping that my blog behaves itself and let’s me write, because I have things to say. Thanks for those who might listen through reading. I hope there is more to come!

Blogger emerges from hibernation? My son snapped this image. It took him a very long time to work out how to use a camera, so yes, my smile is rather plastered on. But it kind of seems appropriate for this post. Here I am, not so glamourous, not so polished, just me being a Mum and a woman.


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