Easterfest Day 2!

Here is what we did on Saturday, day 2 of Easterfest 2014. (Make sure you read Day 1 of Easterfest.)

My plan was to get into Easterfest early, then get the kids home for sleeps, and while they slept I would race in and listen to Jimmy Needham, who Miss Rachael (our former In Home Carer) highly recommended. Then the plan was for Alex to meet me for the evening concert.

It was such a good little plan, but kids and husbands have a habit of changing these things, and we didn’t get into the festival until around midday. We wanted the children to see that Easterfest was far more than just Kidsworld, although, quite truthfully, they were more than content to spend the entire time there.  Which made complete sense, it was a child’s paradise.

We arrived! The triplet stroller made it a bit easier transporting the triplets around.

So when we arrived we wandered in and watched the talented local Sarah Freeman singing at the YWAM tent. The big boys were distracted very quickly when they spotted that there was a gaming van opposite the YWAM tent. There were much tears when we left that space.

We then went to the Epicentre.  Found a table, parked the massive triplet stroller, got all the kids out. Set them all up with food. And the music stopped.  I could have cried! We should have gone straight to Kidsworld! Because now I had used up my sitting still credits, I had no chance of getting them to sit still for another half an hour to see anything else, so we went to Kidsworld.

Once again, I know I’ve already spoken about Kidsworld, but I just have to mention it again, I did spend a lot of time there! The SU team did a splendiferous job setting it up for the kids. I particularly noted all the pirate artwork they had for the different stalls with old fashioned games at them. So much attention to detail. My kids bumped into their cousins there, which made Kidsworld double the fun for them, and five times harder to find, because they kept splitting up and going off with various cousins. Luckily, although I was mindful and was head counting constantly, I was confident they were safe. There were adults standing at the entry and exit points to Kidsworld, so I was confident that they wouldn’t let the two year olds out on their own and I knew there was no way the four year old and seven year old would leave of their own accordance, judging on how far the bottom lips had protruded when we had left Kidsworld on other occasions.

Me in the sandpit. Again.

We had arranged for Alex’s mother to look after the children Saturday from 4:00 through to the evening so Alex and I could get to Main Stage to watch that evenings artists. We were late because Jayden had been desperate to get on the swinging pirate ship, so we had to give him a turn before we left, but you know what happens, if you give one a turn, then you need to give them all a turn!!!

What happens when we leave Kidsworld. Bear in mind that when the boys are like this, it is very hard to buckle them in. We are a spectacle.

Alex raced them home in the van, but Jonty was very much delighted to be given a big boy privilege of staying up late to go to the concert with us.

My big boy and I!

A little later my sister arrived with her minions and they sat with us also.

What a great evening! We got there in time to watch 80’s superstars Whiteheart.

Rocking it old skool. Photo from Easterfest Facebook Page

We rocked on to Hawk Nelson I’m going to buy some of their albums I loved it that much. I’m way out of date with my adult music, The Wiggles have dominated our CD player for long enough!

Hawk Nelson (Easterfest Facebook Photo)

Evermore was next. I missed a fair bit of it because my iPhone battery died. I was lost, completely lost! I didnt have a watch, so I didn’t know what time it was anymore. Plus I was meant to be meeting the other Easterfest bloggers and I had no way of communicating anymore. I went out searching for a way to recharge and kept running into people to talk to. (In the end my good friend Ness, who is also the Easterfest Director’s wife took it and charged it for me. Oh, it was a joyful reunion when it wa

s returned!) between the next band, Alex disappeared to go to the loo. Then Shonlock started. I loved the guy’s energy and passion, but his music, I could appreciate it, but it wasn’t exactly my taste. I started wondering where Alex was, I knew that there was some good jazz nearby, which is much more my style, and I was eager to head that way. He seemed to be gone forever! He eventually strolled back holding a cup of coffee! It didn’t matter, I just loved seeing my son go crazy! Proving that I’m old, my son LOVED Shonlock! I’ve never seen him so excited and hyped over music before! I’m suddenly getting a glimpse into teenage years with him!

Shonlock (Easterfest Facebook Photo.)

Alex doesn’t mind heavier music, so he stayed with Jonty for awhile and then they went home. I headed over and met up with my friend Belinda from B Being Cool and Tonya from The Crafty Mummy. I absolutely loved the jazz Supper Club. We listened to Kristen Beradi and James Sherlock, I so wish we were sitting at a table while they played with a nice bottle of wine, although I’m very thankful that Easterfest is a drug and alcohol free zone. It might be another couple of albums that I need to buy so I can sip wine to that music! Next was my favourite artist of the entire festival – the fabulous a cappella group The Idea of North. Oh my, what a delight. Such a beautiful sound. Great memories from my younger days when I listened to them more frequently. And funny! Oh how I laughed with some of their funny little ditties sandwiched in between their juicy jazz.

After that it was time for bed. I would have really loved to hear Tigertown, so that will have to be one that will be a priority next time. It was probably a good thing that I didn’t stay in town until midnight because I had Easter bunny duties to attend to when I got home!

Stay tuned to hear about the conclusion of Easterfest and our activities on Day 3!

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