Easterfest Day 1

Easterfest 2014 is a good one. The children particularly have had an absolute blast! Kids World is amazing!  To be truthful, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s there, but hey, that’s to be expected if you take 5 kids to a music festival – especially when said festival caters for the kiddos so well. You’re bound to stay in that corner!

The Accountant was very adamant that the lawn needed to be mowed this morning.  It rained while we were away, so the grass was long. He did have a point. After all, I didn’t want tigers that have hidden in the grassy pasture of our backyard jumping out of the long tufts and devouring our children.

And so he was out on the ride-on this morning, doing the obligatory rides for each child. Thankfully, once each child had their turn, he was happy to give it a break since the lawn was heavy with dew this morning, so it wasn’t easy to cut.

So, we headed into Easterfest. Perfect timing really, we got to line up with my bestie Belinda from BBeingCool.

Belinda has crutches at the moment because she had an ankle re-construction. The poor thing had to explain this repeatedly throughout the day, and I suppose she will be explaining the whole time she sports a moon boot – which she wore with flair, I might add!

Because she is such a lovely person, there was no pretence she didn’t know us while our children dropped to the ground repeatedly and did their toddler thing.

Once we got our tickets (Thanks Easterfest!*) We had to deal with the toddler fallout. The two year old identicals did not approve AT ALL to having ‘bracelets’ put on. Mammoth two year old tantrum was thrown. You know the type where everyone turns to see what the heck is happening.

(Of course, Immy had no probs with the bracelet, thought it was the perfect accessory for the occasion. Look at her showing it off to her little friend that she bumped into at the animal pen later in the day!)

(I do hope she wasn’t rubbing in the fact that we had a premium upgrade though!)

We made it as quickly as possible over to Kids World. The boys didn’t want to be distracted from their very important tantrum, but within three minutes they gave in. Honestly, resistance was futile with the myriads of exciting activities therewithin! At that point I blew The Accountant a kiss and raced down to “The Forum” to listen to Nanalew, Meekakitty, (awesome you tubers, search them, so cute!) and the dude behind yesHeis (can’t remember his name, but he was seriously inspiring) and our very own Toowoomba blogger, The Crafty Mummy.

After that finished, I returned to Kids World. The Accountant was slightly frazzled, but still in control. Seriously, my husband is a legend. I know for a fact that there are many Dads who wouldn’t stay on their own with five kids for an hour and a half in a public place. Or Mums for that matter, to tell you the truth the thought scares even me. Alex ran out for a little bit for a look around, and I was very grateful the kids were happy eating some lunch and watching the SU chaplains run a  SUPA club. It was so good seeing the kids engage with the Gospel message.

After SUPA club, we did a few more fun things like play in the giant sand pit, merry-go-round, pirate boat rides, knock-it-down games, petting zoo and a giant shark slide.
Oh, and I shouldn’t fail to mention, we met Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber! Christian vegetable royalty! 
With the triplets at first…

I hadn’t noticed the duo at first. Toby kept pointing and saying, “Look!” I finally noticed that he was pointing to a person dressed as a tomato. I just commented, “Oh yes, a big tomato.” I thought it was really random that they decided to have a tomato walking around the grounds when there was a pirate theme! (In my defence, Bob was standing side on and I couldn’t see his eyes!) The boys kept getting excited and watching the tomato. Then Larry walked out and I finally got it!

Then the big boys saw his and joined in. Having grown up on a cucumber farm, I have soft spot for good ol’ Larry.
So, altogether a really fun day. Oh, except for the walking out bit. Which was much like the walking in bit. Toby was objecting loudly because he didn’t want to leave. Then he screamed blue murder while we buckled
him into the stroller. Unfortunately the mega you tubers were right next to us conducting an interview on camera. I don’t know why they decided to interview them in Kids World – although I’m glad they did, while they were waiting for the interview to begin, I had a chat with them while I was in the petting zoo. Nothing like shaking the hand of a famous You Tuber with around a million subscribers while a goat is pooping next to you. (The goat had no social graces.) Anyway, to leave we wheeled a screaming two year old through the crowd and went home. Hung clothes on the line, had fish for dinner, put tired triplets to bed, read a devotional with the big boys and said some prayers remembering Christ’s sacrifice on this Good Friday. 
The Accountant went in to see the night time action at Easterfest while I’m looking after the kids. I’ve received a text from him. “Jars of Clay playing some good tunes. The Flood – old classic. Music not to loud so I’m not too old yet!” 
Meanwhile I’ve been sitting here looking at all the #easterfest2014 hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and reflecting how awesome this event is. If you live in Toowoomba, or even nearby, seriously it’s not too much of a drive for those who live in Brisbane and other nearby South East Queensland areas, you really should consider making a spontaneous decision and coming, you can buy a one day ticket at the gate. 
I’m going to indulge in a little editorial at this point.
The tickets aren’t cheap. Especially for families. Some of you really couldn’t afford it, and I get that. There have been years that we have not come because of the money also. However, if you do have the funds, consider coming if for nothing else to support the cause. Because how seriously awesome is it that there is an Easter event in Toowoomba, in Queensland, in Australia (because this is the biggest Christian music festival in Australia) that there is an event that proclaims God’s name into the supernatural realm of our town/state/country? It is the type of stuff that by just by the amount of worship that comes out of this event, darkness is pierced. 
You might have a family like ours, or be an older couple. I get it that you don’t want to spend all that money to sit in Kidsworld or don’t have a connection with the majority of the artists. But can I encourage you, your children pick up something of that spiritual dimension just by being in the place. You will pick something up. Just being here allows God to work in your spirit. Just coming is stating that as a family, we support this cause because we want God’s name proclaimed. The reason Easterfest tickets do cost so much money is there is soooo much funds that are required to run a festival of this magnitude. If you’re just not into this type of thing so you think that it is not value for money, think of it as a donation and think of the value this event is to our nation. If you have tweens or teens, it is excellent value on all accounts. This is absolutely quality music and a super fun venue.
So stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as I track our movements at Easterfest 2014. We are feeling the Crazy Love**! 

Jars of Clay playing at the concert I missed out on tonight. (sniff, sniff) Glad that Alex is enjoying it! Photo taken from Easterfest’s Facebook page.
Are you at, or have been to Easterfest? Favourite moments there?
What type of music is your type?

* Easterfest gifted a family pass to us, and another pass as a giveaway. But everything I have shared about the event is my honest opinion. Because a liar liar pants on fire is something I’m not.
** This years theme for the event!

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  1. The showing off the bracelet picture is priceless. Our doctors play a christian rock station in the waiting room and I love some of the songs but never know who sings them!! Glad you are having fun!!

  2. We have a local Christian radio station also. I don’t listen to it all the time, otherwise I might know a few more artists! But you are right it can be hard to catch names of groups/solos when they are on the radio. The bracelet moment was so sweet!

  3. Looks as if you had a great family day, in spite of the obligatory toddler meltdowns! A lovely way to celebrate Easter x

  4. We’ve been to Easterfest a couple of times over the years, the outlaws live nearby so we have stayed with them. Yes, cost was an issue for us but now that our kids are all grown up and no longer doing “fun things” with us (they are 17, and 20 next month) I wish we’d gone more often – great memory making with a great gospel message to boot! My fave was seeing Petra a few years back 🙂

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