Destructive Instructions

When I was growing up I often heard my father proclaim that, “Real men don’t read instructions.” I was used to watching him experiment with this or that, with varying degrees of success, and eventually (most of the time) get the something to work, or build the something, (of course the left over screws were meant to be spares). Ranting and raving when things weren’t coming together also seemed a necessary part of the assembly process.

Then, in my early 20’s I met The Accountant. (Well, he wasn’t an Accountant then, but the makings were there.) A more meticulous, detail oriented male compared to my father. I discovered, that there is a specimen of real men who can read instructions. Some men take great effort to follow every instruction ever so carefully, as it turned out. They also use a tape measure to hang pictures – something my father scoffs at. (Although he does love his son-in-law, honest.)

It seems my son is stuck in the middle of these two perspectives. He takes after his father by opening the instructions and reads them carefully. He can be forgiven this flaw by his grandfather by calling them, “Destructions”.

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  1. My husband and I LOVE seeing each other in our kids! Our daughter is a female, 4yo version of him, while our son is me in a 2yo!! In almost every way. Soooo funny! Anyway, both my husband and daughter are very meticulous, detail-oriented, want to do it the right way types…Luke and I are…um…not. 🙂

    Fun to “see” you again!

  2. I usually WANT to follow instructions, but when it looks like common sense and the instructions are in Chin-glish and the pictures don’t look like what you’ve got at ALL…

    To heck with the Destructions.

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